Tidal and the number of online devices one has available (1)

I understand from tidal that one can only have one ‘online’ device at any one time per account…sooooo

If I have tidal on my roon setup (my trail has ended before roon hit my setup so I can’t try it now) is it considered online all the time or only when playing/streaming from roon? I assume that tidal is not part of radio play when a selection is finished…or it is at least an option to turn that bit off.

i.e. If I want to connect while outside the house can I effectively now use the iOS device online to tidal, as long as there is no content playing from roon at home from tidal?

When the remote is finally working over WAN/VPN will tidal be supported over that too?

Sorry if this got covered elsewhere but I did search and couldn’t find anything.

I guess I could sign up again with a different email and cc and get another trial then if I like it and happy with the integration cancel and deactivate my original access…hmmmm

I stay logged into Tidal on my Roon Server all the time and can use Tidal on my iPad and iPhone any time I like. They and another computer are also logged into Tidal all the time with no problems.

Just tired it and I can stream different albums from Tidal on two devices at the same time.

Thanks Phil…looks like I might try Tidal on a new email setup as they are now offering a 60day Hifi trial with MQA as far as I can tell…or maybe I will ask if they would reinstate that trial on my original trial from a year ago

Just buy a month, you can always cancel. It will be th best £20.00 you spent in a long time.
The only way Tidal can offer this is if it’s funded.
Thoughts, Chris

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Well said that man.

From a local forum here in Singapore…

This might be of interest for those who have yet to subscribe to Tidal’s lossless HiFi service, and want an extended trial period. I used this method this afternoon and it is still valid. My trial end date is 6/4/17 and it is for the lossless tier @ S$19.99 monthly once the trial is over.

“Tidal offers three months (90 days) HiFi/lossless streaming subscription for free if signed up using the Sennheiser promotion. Download the Sennheiser CapTune app on Android / iOS and sign up through the app. There is no need to own a Sennheiser product to use the promotion.”

Have a good weekend!

Tidal customer service is not the friendliest I’ve encountered. Aside from not offering a re trial period and threatening fraudulent use if one person starts a trial on another account setup, despite the prospect of a paying customer as result, they did at least wish me a good weekend.

Maybe I’ll sign up the Mrs hahaha for the 90 days above.

I run Tidal on two apple computers which sit five feet apart. And also on an iPad and an iPhone. Occasionally I’ll have the Tidal app open on both apple computers at the same time - though rarely playing music mostly just searching since the results are clearer (to me) than Roon’s. However, Roon was playing a Tidal stream at that time.

I’ve done this for almost two years. During that time I have had only one instance where Tidal informed me it couldn’t play my request because it was playing on another device.

Tidal’s customer service has improved greatly. You got a response wishing you a good weekend? Dang. That’s progress.

Use the wife’s. Enjoy.

I have wondered about this when Roon goes Mobile. Hopefully it will just work, otherwise hopefully they will take into account number of streams from a family plan.