Tidal. Going from Premium to HiFI

What will be the impact on my Roon Library if I switch (downgrade) from Tidal Hifi to Tidal Premium?
Will some Tidal albums disappear for good? Thank you.

You can see for yourself. Go to Settings > Services and change the quality setting in your TIDAL account.

Settings > Services > change the quality setting in your TIDAL account.
OK for this.Thank you.
Now if I change my subscription from “Tidal HiFi” to “Tidal Premium” would the “Tidal albums” that have included in my “Roon library” while I was in a Premium mode subscription be lost alltogether or would I still enjoy them but downgraded to a premium quality?
In short would I loose the connection to the albums I selected for inclusion in my library.

I don’t believe so. I use TIDAL but also have a Qobuz account with no subscription. If I log into Qobuz via Roon all my albums appear even though I can’t stream them, so I believe you’ll have a similar experience with TIDAL but be able to stream TIDAL Premium (320kbps MP3) content only.

Thank you for your reply.
I have a rather hot topic for me it is still related to Tidal.
I am discovering and experimenting the nice integration of Tidal with Roon.
I integrated a few Tidal Albums in Roon.
Later I took out these albums from Tidal but left them in Roon.
So far so good it seemed to work ok.
Later again I went back to Roon where I found out that my carefully selected albums had gone all together.
I have no idea of what happened.
I was intending to use this nice tandem Roon+Tidal.
But if I do not find the culprit I cannot progress confidently.
Thank you for your thoughts.

That’s because a TIDAL favourite adds an album (or track) to Roon. Likewise, removing an album from your TIDAL favourites will be reflected in Roon. It can take a few minutes to an hour for these changes to appear in Roon.

TIDAL favourite ≠ Roon favourite
TIDAL favourite ≡ add to Roon library

Thank you for this. It is reassuring to undestand why my Albums disappeared. It is not easy to observe because the latency between the two softwares can be many hours.

Accumulating all these albums in Tidal is not handy. Indeed the area is rapidlly overcrowded. But the albums can be sorted by the date they were added to Tidal this helps.
However in Roon you view the favorite Tidal Albums by release date this does not help.

I am assuming that one cannot add this type of “address/link”: “https://tidal.com/browse/album/3748558” directly and permanently in Roon.
But, and this is my question, would you know if there is an alternate way to integrate Tidal referenced Albums in Roon?
Many thanks

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You can view all Tidal albums in Roon by date added as well. Just use the drop down sorted by menu in the top right.

With focus and filters also at the top of the album page you can narrow down the albums displayed even more.

I am sorry to bother you all but there is another issue I cannot solve.
Say there is a Tidal Album with 6 songs but that I want to see only 3 of them in my Roon library imports.
I tried and tried but I have not found a solution.
When I delete just a single song in Roon the whole library goes!

You could, I think, add the album. And then in Roon, HIDE the tracks you don’t want to see. (select tracks, 3 dot menu, edit, Hide)

Another option is to BAN a track. You BAN a track by cycling through the ‘heart’ (Roon Favorite) for a track. That is, empty heart (non-favorite) gets clicked and it becomes a full heart (Roon Favorite). If you click that full heart icon it becomes banned.

You won’t see a hidden track, but Roon may choose to play it in Roon Radio, for example.
A banned selection won’t be played at all until that state is changed.

Official word from Roon CTO Brian:

brianBrian LuczkiewiczRoon Labs: CTO

Jul '16

A banned album or track will never be played as part of a larger unit of playback (artist, radio, “all”, genre, …). You must select it for playback directly in order to hear it.

There is no affect on search or other browsing functionality–banning purely relates to playback.

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Still on the subject of hiding tracks.
If in Roon I choose to hide some tracks, that originated in Tidal, I can still see them when I display their “Parent Album” and this despite the fact that in “Roon settings” I chose to “not show hidden tracks”. Is this behaviour normal?

I also met an interresting circumstance. Unfortunatly I cannot reproduce it any more.
It was a case where the hidden tracks did not show up but instead at the bottom of the non-hidden track list there was a symbol that allowed to see the entire Tidal original album.

Can you offer some comments on this? Thank you