TIDAL integration: Not all tracks are available inside Roon

Looking at the 4 disk album "VASCONONSTOP of “Vasco Rossi” I discovered that not all tracks of this album are available inside Roon:

However, if I log into my TIDAL account using TIDAL web player or TIDAL desktop app I have ALL titles available for streaming:

WHY is there a difference between Roon-TIDAL-Integration and using TIDAL outside of Roon???

TIDAL changed some details related to license management on their end, and hasn’t provided the tooling needed yet for us to incorporate those changes. We’ve been told it’s coming. We are working with TIDAL, but ultimately this fix is on their timeline. As soon as we have what is needed, we will roll it out as quickly as humanly possible. Sorry I don’t have a better answer–this is for now outside of our control. We are on top of it in every way that we are able to be.

Hello @brian!
Well, thanks for the information.
I had been concerned that there will be a problem with “licence issues”.
So we have to wait for TIDAL to come up with a proper solution for this kind of problems…

The change they are making overall is positive + makes more content playable. The unfortunate part was the lack of coordination with us ahead of time. In the end everything will be in a better place than before, not that I am loving the turbulence in the mean time :slight_smile:

I continue to be generally disappointed with Tidal. It’s frankly pretty shocking what the don’t have relative to Apple Music. I continue to subscribe because of the Roon integration but short of that, I’d bid them farewell.

I got a 6 month HiFi TIDAL “test phase subscription” along with a hardware purchase. So I can check it out for free without spending money. In general I tend to prefer Qobuz. It is quite uncommon that I will not find an album I’m looking for inside Qobuz. Either in CD quality or even as HiRes files.
However, as for now we have only TIDAL integration with Roon…

I worked quite a while with Quboz and Tidal parallel and didn’t hear that big difference. On full moon with a glas of wine…

Last couple of weeks I’ve gotten at least 20-25 tracks that won’t play from Tidal. Today Elton John “ Elton John” first track, “ Your Song”. MQA version. Never have Roon warned me about this. “ Unavailable”
It’s getting annoying.


Working for me now. Have you reset your Room core?


Would restarting the computer be equivalent?

Yes … I run my Roon core on Windows 10 and have found some Tidal issues have been solved by stopping and re-starting Roon. Others have required rebooting the computer.


Thanks Tim. Gonna try that tomorrow.