Tidal MQA browser

Yes, I’d like this too.

+3 would be great!

Besides that it would be very nice to “program” te preferences, e.g. when there’s an original high res file play that, but if there is an low res iTunes file, choose for the Tidal MQA file

I think Roon does this already.

I’d like to play MQA from Tidal if my selected DAC is MQA capable even if I have a high resolution version, and the latter otherwise. Don’t think that happens right now.

I have found a way that works for me. I’ve created playlists by genre - MQA Classical / MQA Rock / MQA Folk etc. Then from the Master MQA list, and the albums I’m interested in, I place the title or main track from each album into the relevant playlist. Then as I build up the lists I can go onto each of them and you can see at a glance what artists and albums are there, then click on the album title to take you straight to the MQA album. These playlists appear in Roon as normal as well as Tidal. But as ‘dpstjp’ notes this will get more challenging the more MQA content there is.

Listening so far, MQA seems to be a cut above CD quality and comparable with high res. I’m comparing Tidal MQA through a Meridian Explorer2 versus the non-MQA througha Chord Hugo DAC. Given the Hugo is 6 or 7 times more expensive the MQA sounds good, but it depends very much on the album. Some are more different than others. Overall impression of MQA is a more spacial presentation - more presence but need more listening. We live in interesting times - what are other’s initial impressions?

Of course you can go to the google doc, add the albums, tag them or put them in a playlist.

But this is not what I am requesting at all… I don’t want to have to go to some Google docs list to find MQA. Roon should be able to present a browser full of it for us - assuming Tidal give them the data they need to do so!

Thanks Ludwig. Didn’t know about the Google doc. Agree some sort of identification would be good, like a small Master icon in the corner of each thumbnail on MQA albums.

Wouldn’t MQA just be a Format, so you can include it in a Focus?

High res audio does that.

It is already a focus item in the formats area.

Yes. It doesn’t cover Tidal yet, reasonable. But it misses Some MQA downloads too, e.g. Magnificat.

Strange works on Magnificat for me.

This is really a function of how Tidal works. tidal is a format in and of itself and you can’t identify and focus on different formats within Tidal. You only know what you are getting when you play it.

In the past I have found a few Tidal albums I have been playing are not cd quality and are 320 ACC or something so it’s not just MQA specific.

Agree. The Tidal piece will align when the team get to it. I think the MQA /Tidal vs 1.3 timing isn’t ideal but the Dev team were around MQA before any of us knew about it.

I’ll check Magnificat on my setup. Haven’t noticed it misbehaving in the focus filters, but, that said, it isn’t a piece I have spent any time on.

Aha, the hidden file again: I have four versions of Magnificat, two MQA, but the regular 352 is primary, and the focus triggers on the primary so it doesn’t show up under an MQA filter.

This behavior is logical but non-intuitive. Something to discuss with the guys, post-1.3.

Just to be clear, my Feature Request is for a way of focussing on all TIDAL MASTERS MQA material on Tidal (not just in my collection) from within Roon. So that I can then play or add to library only TIDAL MQA material.

Nothing to do with focussing on local files.

I understand. But if MQA filtering works correctly for Tidal, then the current Focus design would allow both modes, filtering on MQA Tidal or filtering local MQA files, or both.

The behavior of the Format area of Focus is correct, but a little bit non-obvious. (I experimented.) If you select various sampling rates, 88 and 96 and 176 and 192, those are ORed, i.e. you get any content with any of those rates. If you add 48, the number of albums included grows. But formats like FLAC, and MQA, and Tidal, are ANDed: if you specify Tidal the number of albums shrinks. Same with MQA.

So select MQA and Tidal, and you get that combination (once Tidal MQA is recognized correctly). Or select MQA and NOT Tidal, and you get only local.

All correct. And the behavior is indicated by the little green boxes: the one for rates includes all the rates, but MQA is a separate box.

As usual, when Roon does something I haven’t thought through and I check it out, it is correct.

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I dont understand where you are able to tune in to the different sampling rates under"focus". In my roon, under album, under artis or under track there is no such thing.
I am also trying to locate any MQA file and I am not able to as described here. I have tidals hifi subscription,

+1 for me
+1 for my wife

We’re looking forward to this feature :slight_smile:

Click on the Focus icon near the top left of the screen…and you will see the ‘pop-up’ screen as below at the bottom

Click on the Format button on the right [you may need to scroll over on an iPad]…and as you can see, you can choose from any of the many Formats available

Please note that MQA titles thru Tidal will not appear as an option…because for the moment Tidal is not forwarding that information to Roon

Thanks for the heads up. I’m familliar with Focus, but I don’t really have any local MQA files. I only stream them from tidal. So a Tidal Masters section (as in the BluOS controller App) would be awesome :slight_smile: