Tidal MQA browser

+1 for me
+1 for my wife

We’re looking forward to this feature :slight_smile:

Click on the Focus icon near the top left of the screen…and you will see the ‘pop-up’ screen as below at the bottom

Click on the Format button on the right [you may need to scroll over on an iPad]…and as you can see, you can choose from any of the many Formats available

Please note that MQA titles thru Tidal will not appear as an option…because for the moment Tidal is not forwarding that information to Roon

Thanks for the heads up. I’m familliar with Focus, but I don’t really have any local MQA files. I only stream them from tidal. So a Tidal Masters section (as in the BluOS controller App) would be awesome :slight_smile:

I have a few MQA titles from 2L local to my library…and then the MQA filter option appears there

I know that Roon are working with Tidal to DIFFERENTIATE their normal 16/44 lossless titles from their MQA offerings…but Tidal need to share the information first, in order for Roon to be able to display the information and filter based upon that information

At the moment, the “Tidal” option in Focus will display ALL favourited albums from Tidal…16/44 and MQA

Below is a workaround that I use to Tag all Tidal MQA albums in my Library…and then use Bookmarks to be able to quickly access them…it’ll work until Tidal share their Format information

Thanks for the tip! I will look into it this evening!

Here is a link for giving Tidal feedback, a chance to comment on their MQA identification maybe?


Wouldn’t it be possible for Roon to autodetect MQA?

this functionality seems to be available in Tidal for the web, although i can’t reconstruct it in the app itself. i’d love for this to show up in Roon.