Tidal MY MIX on ROON

Hello All,

Can we see TIDAL MY MIX on ROON?


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Unfortunately the devs are not able to do this.

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Awwww… Bummer…

Why what’s the excuse I have not seen them say this just radio silence. I find it hard to believe it’s not possible when even UAPP has it and it’s a few quid for a phone. Surely it’s part of the Tidal API which I know is know is only part of Roons implementation but surely useable in some way?

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Agree even USB PRO PLAYER shows the MY MIX… and all the UAPP’s too…

It makes no sense that they can’t use them as they are just generated playlists essentially.

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BluOS has them as well now.

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As does Plex.

Is this confirmed? I’ve not seen this stated anywhere. And if true, why not? Other (free) players have it working.


Roon doesn’t use the same api integration as others players, imhu.

Bit of a workaround… On Tidal app open your My Mix and save it as a playlist. Heart it. Sync Tidal in Roon. It’s now a playlist in Roon.

It will not update however. You’ve got to do this again to get any updates.


If playlists sync I just don’t understand why they cant add these. They are just playlists in a different section. Roon needs to have parity with features that Tidal offers and are available in other apps and not a limited experience, it’s a premium product after all.

Has Roon stated they cannot do it? I don’t remember a statement to that effect.

one more vote here to add My Mix from Tidal. Please Roon engineers.


Wow, even in lms it shows my mix. That’s bad

The same request, I use the My Mix like every day, it’s a good way to know new songs

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