TIDAL playback delay via Roon on Innuos Zen


I’m currently trying to track down the source of an issue that affects playback of TIDAL tracks from Roon which is installed on an Innuos Zen and would like to know whether anyone knows of a solution.

I’m finding that 90% of the time that I select a track from TIDAL it takes in excess of a minute (sometimes several minutes) before the track starts playing. When it does play however, it does so without any pauses.
There are no error messages displayed within the Roon app either.

I have Roon core installed on the Zen, which is connected via ethernet to an Asus RT-AC3200 access point which connects directly to a 1GB up/down Hyperoptic broadband service.
The audio is streamed to a Peachtree DAC using an AudioQuest Coffee USB cable.

Locally stored music on the Zen plays back flawlessly.

Network speedtests show I have plenty of bandwidth.

Playing tracks on TIDAL using TIDAL apps on my iPad and Android phones on the home network play back okay too.

I believe I have tracked it down to an issue with the Asus router not playing ball with the TIDAL network connections, as I have swapped out the router with the Hyperoptic one and this seems to work fine.

Has anyone else experienced issues with TIDAL/Roon and Asus routers causing similar issues?

What ports does TIDAL on Roon generally use to communicate to stream/initiate streaming on?

I have tried the usual steps, such as logging off my account and then logging back in. Restarting all devices. Testing network cables, etc. But the problem still persists.

Any help or pointers would be appreciated.



Probably done this, but turn off DSP in Roon to see if that clears it up.

Sorry for your troubles. Been there…

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Look at your settings. What DNS is being used on the providers modem?

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Hi. Thanks for the suggestion. DSP is already turned off in the Roon settings :frowning:

Hi @Henry_McLeod.
I think the DNS settings are picked up from the ISP via DHCP on both devices. But I’ll check later tonight.
Thanks for the suggestion.

Hi @Henry_McLeod.

Well, after a month of testing Google’s free DNS servers ( and in my settings it looks like my ISP’s DNS servers were the issue. TIDAL has been playing perfectly since changing to Google’s 4 weeks ago.

I had seen others mention something similar, but as the TIDAL app was working perfectly on my other devices I didn’t think DNS was an issue. I was wrong.

Thanks for your suggestion to check DNS.

Cheers. Rory

Great news Rory. I think I saw a similar issue in another thread (possibly not here). I am glad I could assist in some small way.

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