Tidal while traveling abroad

Sorry about this trivial question. Can one access one’s Tidal account and the music whilst traveling abroad, outside the domain in which one subscribed?

Yes, once Tidal knows which currency to bill you in, you can access your account outside your home country. However, there may be local licensing restrictions which mean certain songs are not available in the country you are in. These will be visible, but grayed out.

Oh fantastic! Thanks a ton for the response.

I’m using it now and it’s all good…just watch your bandwidth charges if you are on telco 3g/4g networks roaming. WiFi should be ok


I’m not quite sure if this refers to availability in the sense to sign up and subscribe only. ie once you are subscribed, is it available anywhere there’s internet?

You should be able to use it wherever there is an internet connection - except maybe China…
Tidal also lets you download music and play it offline though, so as long as you are online at least once every 10 days (I think) for about 10 seconds - which is just enough time to download some more unwanted advertisements for Jay-Z and his friends, you can keep a massive Tidal library on your phone and listen to it whenever and wherever you wish.

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This sounds very promising. I will soon be traveling to several parts of the world not on this map. Will report back in late November about how it all went.

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How did this this go? I’m travelling abroad soon to a country not on the list and wondering if I can expect to run into any problems.

I have never had an issue using my UK Tidal account whilst travelling in China using hotel WiFi services. Note that this is with the Tidal App on an iPad, and nothing to do with Roon.

Good luck !

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Yes – the Tidal app worked quite well abroad – but I always used VPN – as I do whenever on any public wifi set up.

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