Tidal's weakness in classical

Great, that’s what I need.

It’s clear that searching Tidal for classical (and jazz) is extremely difficult. What I want to know is whether the same albums are actually all there as in Qobuz.

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Exactly. To eliminate the guesswork.

The real question here is about the quality of the search engine. None are perfect but I did have more success with Qobuz and Spotify and they are also actively seeking to improve this further. In comparison, I find Tidal falls well short. They really don’t appear too bothered about this shortcoming. If Roon do work with Qobuz, which appears to be a possibility based on the most recent information, I’ll go back to Qobuz without hesitation.

The point of starting the thread was not actually that. It’s clear that the search engine is rubbish.

My question is whether the equivalent content is actually there in Tidal. As far as I can see it is. Do you have concrete examples of content which is not there, and which is in Qobuz? So far I haven’t seen any such examples.

The content may be in Tidal but it’s most hellishly difficult to get to it. What’s the point in having the content if you can’t really get to it? My personal belief is that Qobuz content for Classical and Jazz is superior. Like Spotify, Tidal has many fillers(generic best of etc) and is more about Beyoncé than Bruckner. I think Qobuz is a more serious streaming service with its focus on content, downloading and development. I used Qobuz for nearly two years and always managed to filter a range of quality recordings of single works. I think your experiment will find this. I certainly did.

Remember results may be different from Country to Country.
I took the Spotify Playlist: Violin 100 and checked whats missing in Tidal and whats missing in Quobuz.

Out of 100 there have been found 65 in Tidal and 79 in Quobuz.
The missing Numbers in Tidal are: (4,5,10,14,17,19,20,22,24,26,28,31,34,39,40,42,52,54,55,61,69,70,71,73,75,76,79,80,82,83,85,86,90,91,95)
The missing Numbers in Quobuz are:

I quickly checked 5 other classical playlists and the results show a very similar ratio.

With Folk, Blues Rock, Pop its the other way round, where Tidal is very close to Spotify and Quobuz misses by a larger margin.

That’s a good point. As primarily a Classical and Jazz listener, I found that Qobuz offered the best alternative. Spotify is great but the sound quality isn’t as good.

Spotify serves as a quantity reference. Definitely not as a quality comparison. That must be clear.

Classical Music and Jazz offerings in Qobuz are better than Tidal (by a good margin).
At this moment it doesnt make sense for me to subscribe to Tidal. I use Qobuz with Audirvana.
This allows for the same set up I use with Roon.