To upsample to 24/192 or not

Aha yes of course! So perhaps just the one ADC/DAC chipset then and four DACs feeding the internal amps. Thanks for the info!

I don’t see how this is feasibly or relevant?

  1. Analog input is converted 24/192 in an ADC stage in the master speaker (along with all digital inputs)
  2. DSP is applied that separates the speaker channels /applies user DSP settings
  3. then at each speaker the signal is run through 2 DACs.

The ADC and DAC stages are very much separate …

Highly relevant. Somebody wanted to know the specific DAC chipset. If it is indeed as I recall a codec, then that eliminates all standalone DAC chipsets.


Ok I see, but skeptical given the setup. Would be great to read more about the inner workings of these things …

FWIW, this diagram was taken from Kef’s first blog post about the LS50W …

Yeah, that is a simplified diagram, not a detailed schematic. Furthermore, it is missing the subwoofer output.