Top 10 Feature Requests

Hello there

What are the top 10 Feature Requests?

Is “Roon-on-the-go” number 1?


That’s a good point! My bets for a few of them:

  1. Roon Mobile
  2. Some facility to view files by Folder Structure
  3. Better Meta Data Handling
  4. Some variation of search speed improvements
  5. Android improvements
    (These actually aren’t my wish list, just what I’m estimating are up on the list based on what others have said.)

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Yes, you’re right that Roon on the go is probably number 1, overall

But my list is:

  1. Vertical scrolling
  2. Metadata editing, especially reviews
  3. Native PDF viewer

My top 10:

  1. Roon mobile

  2. Roon-on-the-go aka Roon Mobile

  3. Roon mobile

  4. Roon-on-the-go aka Roon Mobile

  5. Roon mobile

  6. Roon-on-the-go aka Roon Mobile

  7. Roon mobile

  8. Roon-on-the-go aka Roon Mobile

  9. Roon mobile

  10. Roon-on-the-go aka Roon Mobile


I bet that it will be a very long thread.:innocent:

My top list :
1 - Roon Mobile
2 - Metadata editing : reviews
3 - Best Metadata editing : Composer and Composition
4 - A much better history management

  1. Peace on earth
  2. Roon mobility scooter
  3. Roon track control by blipping my brain Alpha waves
  4. Roon drinkamatic dispenser, AI matching of wine to track
  5. Roon “Ron” audio assistant personality determined by your library. Mine would be mainly laid back with occasional bursts of punk attitude.

That made me laugh out-loud.

I only want one thing:

  1. Better layout for landscape view - that is, on my laptop or desktop. The artist/album information takes up WAY too much space, leaving little below for track listings. Maybe a split-screen layout with the tracks on the right, using 1/3 of the horiz. space, and the meta data on the left.

I almost never using the Now Playing view and I find myself scrolling down to see the upcoming tracks.

Otherwise, what Roon has today is all I need.

EDIT: I lied… one more thing: please blatantly steal the Primephonic category UI for browsing classical music. If you haven’t looked at this, please do … then steal it, like any good UX designer would.

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Huh, I was just wondering about syncing locally stored tracks to my phone for local playback i.e. Roon Mobile i.e. Roon-on-the-go. Yes, please! If Roon had that, I could retire my Plex music library forever. I have to believe that feature would add considerably to the mass appeal of the product, in terms of growing the customer base. It would definitely get Roon closer to being a complete, one-stop solution for all your music needs.

That peace on earth thing sounds like a half-decent idea, too


What’s the point?


I’m good as is.


Bit of humour, for me anyway.

Still a newbie and don’t know enough about what it does or doesn’t do yet. But I like visual indicators to go along with audio. After reading down further here I have to edit and concur with others.

• Screen saver for dedicated Control, current Album/Track information moving around screen.
• Video information over HDMI with the same screen saver.
• Concur with Improved handling of Box Sets
• Improvements to CD Ripper.

  1. Vertical scrolling
  2. Search speed improvement
  3. Volume up/down on physical buttons on iPhone
  4. Backup on Google Drive

1.) Roon on-the-go (Roon mobile)
2.) Support of own files (not Tidal/Qobuz) for mobile
3.) Reduced quality for mobile
4.) Convert Playlists based on Tidal to Qobuz songs
5.) Import Playlists from other services to Roon

  1. SACD ISO support
  2. Vertical scrolling
  3. Metadata editing
  4. Metadata for Classical collections

Have a look at Soundiiz for converting playlists


By community feedback:

And by community interest:


oooh, Super Powers. I’m impressed.
Thanks for that @ndrscr

Here is a mix of some of my personal favorites, some of them small, some of them quite adventuresome (especially further down the list). Food for thought really, I am quite happy with Roon today!

  • Two way Roon - Tidal editing of Playlists (clear #1 for me)
  • Some way of keeping iOS session “alive” and/or lock screen widget for Pause and Volume
  • If you’re on an Artist, you hit View All albums, KEEP the year and stars (not sure why they disappear!!)
  • More interesting design and/or tweaking of Display View (on big TV for me)
  • Sleep Timer and Alarm Clock
  • Convert Playlist entries from Tidal songs to Qobuz songs (and keeping play counts would be nice) (this keeps me from converting to Qobuz)
  • Identification of tracks now Unavailable in your streaming service (Tidal)
  • Roon Radio based on the full contents of an existing playlist
  • Secret panel to tweak Roon Radio! (every app needs a secret panel)
  • Recommendations driven by Roon user aggregate statistics, more direct song-to-song recommendation navigation (not just Related Artists). Could be at bottom of a Playlist recommending additional songs (which is what Spotify does)
  • Roon user submitted reviews – i learn the most from others here
  • have forum links of songs and albums open in Roon and locate song in your library or in your configured streaming service.
  • Allow Roon playlist sharing via forum links (potentially expose some of the forum within Roon to facilitate this)
  • Better use and exposure of our activity data in Roon — popular songs, popular artists, etc. across the year or by time of day. A music data explorer.
  • Natively implement a more rigorous genre/mood categorization scheme
  • Personal Roon Radio “stations” that have their own associated likes and influencers (aka Pandora), so I might have Late Night Jazz Roon Radio, or Workout in the Morning Roon Radio
  • Support for Mixcloud (possible), 8tracks (possible), Soundcloud (not possible), and Spotify (not possible)
  • AppleTV app for Now Playing
  • Sync Roon Catalogs across another Core (i.e. laptop for travel) without Restore process (via DropBox)

Hello there

Thanks for all your messages. Personnaly, I would like to have 2 or more separated libraries and Portrait/Landscape mode on iPad 11.

I have noticed that Roon doesn’t put in brackets anymore to show statuses on Feature Requests.