Top 10 Feature Requests

Yes. Just download Roon for PC or OSX. You just don’t set up the Core on it and it acts like as a remote. This is where you’ll have most features as there is enough area (pixel-wise) to get everything on screen neatly.

Hope… and a lifetime membership, that’s all I got. As for Roon, they have a good product, but unfortunately not enough capital to be a GREAT product.

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Amazon HD integration
Apple music integration

Lovely Roon Mobile for me, and this also:

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  1. Fix all the bugs that I and others have reported.
  2. Address all the “bug-ish” type issues.
  3. Address my feature requests, including the ones I haven’t gotten around to reporting yet.
  4. Address other feature requests.

I of course say the above with tongue-in-cheek, but you can get where I’m coming from.

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01 : Apple HomePod Stereo Pair Support
02 : Apple HomePod Stereo Pair Support
03 : Apple HomePod Stereo Pair Support
04 : Apple HomePod Stereo Pair Support
05 : Apple HomePod Stereo Pair Support
06 : Apple HomePod Stereo Pair Support
07 : Apple HomePod Stereo Pair Support
08 : Apple HomePod Stereo Pair Support
09 : Apple HomePod Stereo Pair Support
10 : Apple HomePod Stereo Pair Support


My top 10 feature requests for Roon are:

  1. Deezer support / integration
  2. Deezer support / integration
  3. Deezer support / integration
  4. Deezer support / integration
  5. Deezer support / integration
  6. iPad portrait mode
  7. iPad portrait mode
  8. iPad portrait mode
  9. Make it easier to manage / handle Audiobooks within Roon
  10. Make it easier to manage / handle Audiobooks within Roon

My personal top 10

1: More metadata in the album browser overview. Just a picture-artist name-album title is very minor information. My disappointment from day one, never got over it, the album browser is just too basic.
2: Deeper Tidal integration, including offline mode to save data use and with that the environment. Streaming music has an estimated co2 emmision of 200-350 million kg/year in the VS alone. Offline mode helps in reducing this.
3: Metadata availability with less clicking around
4: Make the now playing screen readable from a distance. I bought a new 24" monitor and it is still not readable from more than 2-meter distance
5: Get rid of the ugly colour of the footer in the light theme. No, I’m still not used to it, I still find it very very ugly
6: A mixed theme. I still think the light theme is to light and the dark theme is too dark overall
7: Improve Android stability. I have had problems with three android devices to keep connected to Roon, one has never been able to connect whatsoever.
8: Global hotkeys
9: newsfeeds in the discover tab. It’s very passive now so it does not get much use after the initial playing time with it
10: More customisation (although I know that’s never going to happen)

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I only have one request that I would definitely use given the opportunity:
Linking or bridging 2 Ethernet ports so you could drive a DHCP dependant streamer direct from a core machine using Ethernet in ROCK.

Apart from that I am happy with Roon’s progress and I appreciate the amount of work that has gone into the product thus far.

The word you are looking for is:




  1. a person who acts obsequiously towards someone important in order to gain advantage.

Today’s lingo is ‘fan boy’. Sad that giving a compliment or positive feedback has that effect these days. :frowning:

It’s ok when I say it about myself. Honest! I’ll be ok! :slightly_smiling_face:

Fan boy and sycophant are not the same thing. A sycophant is more commonly known as a yes man while a fan boy is more commonly seen staring at their Apple Watch :upside_down_face:

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Probably to see if Roon has integrated it yet :joy:


You are so right! I’m distraught, I try to be so respectful of the language.
Although in this context he could be referred to as either. Except he probably doesn’t have the Watch.

If he doesn’t have the Apple watch then he is not a fan boy.

The Apple Watch is a necessary item for all fan boys. I almost wrote “Apple fan boys” but the word “Apple” is not required since there are no other types of fan boys. And please no back talk since people who use Android or Linux are by their very nature anti-fan boys. Windows users, like me, are just hopelessly adrift :woozy_face:

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Let’s stay on topic folks :wink:

What, you mean that getting the Roon app on the Apple Watch isn’t a top 10 feature request? I’m shocked! :astonished:

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  1. Playback controls such as pause, play, forward available from the taskbar popup like it is in JRiver Media Player.

  2. Mirror screen over all open clients/core interfaces. With the option to exclude or include specific screens from syncing.

Better handling of box sets, including individual cover art for each of the albums in the box set
Native handling of pdf files
Ability to display custom file tags
Ability to control size of album art; ability to display back cover art
integration of more streaming services, especially amazon music

Plus the ability to zoom in on artwork.

The ability to display text files, similar to the way jpgs and pdfs can be displayed from within Roon.