TP-Link fiber optic conversion questions?

I am trying to figure out what I need to power the TP-Link MC200CM with a Tecknet Dual USB PowerZen G3 Power Bank. I cant figure out what plug I need? Several people have said they powered the TP-links with this solution. ANY help would be greatly appreciated.

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A couple of these should do the trick but you might need to check the length. If you need a really long length for one of the FMC’s then maybe even the 22 AWG wire becomes an issue (voltage drop?). In which case two separate power banks with short power cables may be better. Personally I would use the stock standard PSU for the upstream FMC and use your powerbank for the downstream FMC.

Thank you kind sir!

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It made a HUGE difference in SQ. More than $500 interconnects. It’s so easy, wonder why more people don’t try it. The speakers are so revealing now I hear every single recording mistake. Heading it in songs I’ve heard 100s of times. It’s freaky.

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Ya: Ethernet to Fiber media converters

It’s one of those things where you don’t realise there’s noise in your system until you slowly remove each source of noise.

The powerbanks are great in that they are off the grid but they are also higher noise - over 300mV of noise for the TP-Link power banks when I asked TP-Link. There may be lower noise powerbanks out there though.

You may (or may not) hear even more improvement if you feed the downstream FMC with a lower noise PSU.

But no rush - I found the improvement is almost immediate even with the stock PSU’s that come with the FMC’s so there’s no rush. Something to consider later maybe?

And I found keeping the downstream ethernet cable as short as possible helped too. I got 6-inch Blue Jeans Cable Cat 6

In the mean time, enjoy !

Last question. Sorry, I’m a noob. So if I use the power bank for the downstream FMC i will use it unplugged? Allow it to run off battery power? I was going to play the powerbank in the Cord it came with into a Apple like USB AC adapter. This might be self defeating.

Any suggestions for a powersupply for my mytek brooklyn? For the future… this stuff is addicting as crack.

HA tell me about it.

I was about to get the Brooklyn. And the Vinnie Rossie Mini is one many people are using and happy with. And the special thing about that PSU is it’s essentially off the grid like a battery. It has one power bank that charges while the other discharges and they keep switching between the two, but at all times you’re disconnected from mains power (off the grid).

Just don’t look at the price :scream:

Yeh those powerbanks won’t offer any advantage over the stock PSU if you keep it plugged in and charging all the time - it only becomes ‘off the grid’ when you disconnect the charger and run it off battery but as I mentioned, they can be high noise output despite being off the grid.

I use Uptone LPS-1’s with my FMC’s - the same tech as the Vinnie Rossi but lower output current so won’t work with the Brooklyn but great with the FMC’s. I only really need one with the downstream FMC but I had two already so I thought what the heck, I’ll use both.

Fiber optics are a nightmare for the audiophile cable industry. So don’t expect it to become adopted on a widespread basis anytime soon.

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Mike, why a nightmare for cable companies?

Check this out: Ethernet "treatment"?

I understand all the arguments and these have continued over 20 plus years. I have a phd in a science field and I am the type of person that reaches conclusions only after careful application of the scientific method. It’s engrained in me, I get it. My ears are more than likely not as sensitive as some audiophiles (age, concerts and gunss haven’t helped).

However, when I did the network isolation the second I heard the music I said HOLY &$&!!!). It was HUGE!!! And this is after having upgraded to nice speaker cables, interconnects, balanced monoblocked amps, room treatments, high end DAC in a dedicated listening room etc… In fact it was so dramatic I am rethinking my entire audio\network setup.

Congrats. I noticed the same and posted my shock/surprise in that link I posted earlier, considering the cost.

But if you want lower noise, find out the noise output of your powerbank. It may or may not surprise you. I think a better power supply will help, especially the downstream FMC.

But as I mentioned, it’s easy to notice an instant improvement even with the stock PSU’s. So the recommendation for better PSU is only for further improvements (to my ears anyway).

I like the way you think, thank you for your help. I will let you know the outcome of my downstream power treatments.

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Looking forward to your impressions.

I’ve already tried what you’re about to try and I’m going a step further… changing the internal switching regulator for an ultra low noise linear regulator… addictive like crack, as you put it lol

If it helps then let me know and I will do the same upgrade to the ole tplink. About to try audioqest coffee USB and thier high end Ethernet cable for the downstream. FYI. I tried the USB regen and it didn’t make a difference.

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What did you use to power the Regen? And what USB cable on it’s output?

Sometimes (all the time in my system) everything matters lol

To hear the Regen at it’s best (in my system) I found powering it with the Uptone LPS-1 was best and using the new Uptone USPCB short adapter possibly better than any cable (and many current users are reporting this at the moment on the Computer Audiophile forum).

I’ve moved from USB though. I found the FMC isolated ethernet input of my DAC beat all the USB devices I’ve tried. But that’s specific to my DAC and my system. I can’t generalise. Just observations in my system.

Different interactions between different components in different systems can add up to produce very different end results.

TekDevice TPS7A4700??? Look at this for the tplink. May or may not work. I used the small adapter that came with the regen. Already sent the regen back. This was all done before the isolation so it may make a difference now. Who knows. Sometime (a few songs) I think post isolation made my speaker so bright they are now a little bit harsh but this is probably just the recording honestly or my imagination.

I’m getting an experienced company to do this (and properly test it) for me. Overkill but I know it will be done properly. I’m only going to this step next because I’ve been very happy to ditch USB with the instant improvement the FMC’s made.

Unless you have the experience (or happy to experiment) it’s sometimes best to leave these things in the hands of those more experienced lol

I’ll share if it’s a success (and if they’re happy to take on modifying for others)

When you say ditch the USB what do you mean? After FMC I go directly into an auralic Aries streamer then USB to dac.