Uninstalling ROCK on an Intel NUC

I have a Intel BOXNUC7I3BNH NUC Kit. It’s been running headless for the last two years. I’ve just sold it. so I want to ‘uninstall’ ROCK.

I’ve tried F9 Load defaults & F10 Save and exit (in Visual Bios). When I reboot after this, I see the Roon ROCK prompt: If this persists, please check your network connection.

I’ve also tried Moving the yellow configuration jumper from pins 1-2 to pins 2-3 inside the NUC, on Intel’s support advice. This procedure: https://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/support/articles/000005805/intel-nuc.html
Then, I no longer saw the boot options, on boot I just saw the same Roon ROCK prompt.

Please help!

f9 and f10 and the jumper is for your Bios. Nothing to do with the OS on your disk. You need to reformat the disk. Which you can either…

  1. Boot with a Live Linux CD or Live Windows Boot and then format the drive, and then exit the install.
  2. Remove the drive, attach/install it to another computer and format it.

Option 2 is the one I would do.


Thank you Daniel! That’s clear. I don’t have another computer to format it with though, so I’ll have to try 1).


ROCK only runs Roon which won’t run without a license, so you’re not robbing Roonlabs by leaving it there.
The new customer will need to install another OS which begins by wiping the drive.

Good question! My assumption has been that I have a responsibility to provide it as I found it.

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And, to have the peace of mind that none of your personal information is left anywhere on the drive.

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Good point! Now I’m stuck again… I only have a 500MB USB stick to-hand: too small for Linux distro.

Any suggestions?

Take the drive out and take it to a friend’s house to reformat. Stay 6 feet away.


You can try (for free) Darik’s Boot and Nuke, DBAN.

Thanks! I downloaded this, went to the Boot menu, selected the USB stick but found myself back at the Roon ROCK prompt!

Just to be sure: did you make a bootable usb-drive with the .iso you downloaded (instead of copying the iso to the drive)?

web ui -> erase/reset database (I forget what I called the button)

this will remove all your personal info

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Goto the Web admin page, and press the reset button! You can also reformat any internal storage here.

This still doesn’t uninstall ROON ROCK. The only way to uninstall/remove ROON ROCK is to make a bootable usb-drive with e.g. PartedMagic or DBaN and boot from the usb-drive in order to remove ROCK from your SSD/HDD.

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