Uninstalling ROCK

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@Christopher_Whitten1 – the reason you are running into issues here is because you are trying to do something really strange. Uninstalling is not a thing for an operating system.

Can you please tell us the goal here? Are you trying to install something new on that drive, like a new Linux distribution or Windows? or are you just trying to reuse that drive as non-boot media?

The different goals have different tools.

If your goal is to install Windows10, the Windows10 installer should do the right thing. Just erase all partitions during installation and start fresh.

Uninstall was a poor choice of words.
I wanted to reformat the M.2 drive to then install Windows 10 on it.

Everything people said to do was meet with some sort of resistance or error.

It is sorted out now.

Like there is an uninstall for Windows? It’s an operating system you need to format and partition the the whole drive to wipe it. Windows installer should be able to do this. I have installed a Rock then Windows then back to rock then diet pi and back to rock never had an issue.

So what did you end up doing? What resistance was encountered by the Windows10 installer (so others can avoid it in the future)?

I have explained what I did in a previous post above. The other complications were not Roon specific. Thanks for the help.

ok got it… looks like @Geoff_Coupe’s first reply to the original post was the right advice.

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