Upcoming change to Roon subscription prices (January 1st, 2023)

Isn’t it a bit bizar to send me an email announcing a considerable raise in price of the Roon subscription while I am experiencing such problems with this softwaere allready for so many months?

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I’ve received no email.

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we made a mistake and only sent out the email to about 10% of group we meant to send the email to.

huge thanks for noting this – the problem is being rectified now.


Just get a credit card that lets your turn that into installments. Adds maybe 2-3% but that’s it.

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A post was merged into an existing topic: Leaving Roon after price increase

20% cost increase is eye watering, I can live with that if roon commit to fixing the long long long term issues:

Windows crashing all the time
The god awful ‘AI’ roon radio that chooses the same songs in the same order, ignores the fact tracks have been skipped a million times and essentially is broken and acknowledged as such by the CEO. Surely the primary selling point of roon?

Then I won’t feel so bad about a 20% hike for what looks on paper like a copy of functions already available to anyone for free (arc) and a regression in not being able to use what I paid for without internet.

No, not really… Refer to “About Roon” FAQ where it clearly states that software improvements and updates are free to licensed users - meaning those updates have been factored into your payment plan (sub or lifetime).

Regardless, that was not my point, i was merely suggesting that for solutions (like Roon and ARC) that rely on service availability and reliability to provide intended value to users, there could be better methods to handle user-impacting service outages that are beyond the control of those users. This is not the right forum to go deeper into this topic, so i’ll leave it at that and totally respect your opinion if you disagree.

I am not sure what your point is. 20% is an eye watering price increase, what has happened historically does not change that fact one bit.


That’s a 25% increase (of $2.50/month for the annual sub).

I know it’s better for the future of Roon for us to stay on the annual sub, but the Jan 1 increases to the annual/lifetime subs make the current $700 lifetime cost a compelling option.

I’d prefer paying $1200 for 10 years of Roon use, but i can move to lifetime now for $700 (plus $240 paid for the last 2 years of sub). Moving to lifetime before Jan 1 will save me $260 over the next 8 years… everything after that costs nothing.

Staying on the annual sub gets me only 6.5 years before I’ve paid $1200 in total. So the price increase effectively reduces my Roon benefit by 1 1/2 years.

I love using Roon. It’s a great fit for my local/streaming needs. I just wish it made sense for me to continue on the monthly sub. But I think for me (and possibly many of us) it’s now time to get the lifetime sub.


I’ve been on the fence about jumping to a lifetime subscription. I’m still slightly hesitant to do so because I absolutely do not want Roon to go out of business. This is because since beginning to use it I’ve built my entire listening world around it in my home and it’s been a godsend. The price increases, while disappointing are understandable so maybe this will convince me to jump to lifetime before the increase goes into effect.

So lets put it that way, it is an increase of app. 3% per year since 2015. Maybe this helps a bit to dry our eyes?

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Checking my accout page, it says:

October 31, 2023

Your Roon subscription will renew and you will be automatically charged $119.88 using the payment method on file.

Does this mean existing annual subscribers are grandfathered in at the current pricing? That would be nice.

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No. You can change from annual to lifetime before Jan 1, 2023 at old pricing, but next year, the charge will be at the new pricing.

You should have gotten an email stating that as well, which overrides prior communications.

I don’t feel good about this but I need to change my thinking.

I joined Roon on 06-Jul-2022 and decided to pay an annual subscription ($9.99 x 12 = $119.88). Being a new user, I wasn’t ready to go for the lifetime plan but my thinking was that I might do so if I’m still pleased with Roon after a year and I can see myself staying with Roon for the long haul, which is indeed how I feel today.

But now I feel a sense of urgency that prices are rising. If I now switch to the lifetime deal before the prices go up (let’s say on 06-Dec-2022 for the sake of illustration), it will cost me $699.99 there and then. But I’m only 6 months into the year I paid for.

The Change your billing plan dialog says:

After clicking purchase, you will be charged $699.99 immediately. You will not receive any full or partial refunds for any prior payments.

So I will forfeit $59.94 of my annual payment. I know this is less than the impending increase of $130 for the lifetime payment but I feel like I’ve been tricked into a choice I now regret.

I have to think about this differently.

If I were able to secure the current $699.99 price for the lifetime plan and pay it on 06-Jul-2023 when my year is up, I will still have paid the same amount as if I switch to the lifetime plan on 06-Dec-2022.

That’s better.


As it was explained to me. Pay now for a lifetime sub and it’ll start when your current annual ends.