Upcoming change to Roon subscription prices (January 1st, 2023)

I feel like this should be stated in the announcement. I think a lot of people would be more accepting of the increase if this were more well known. With global inflation, I’m sure your operating overhead is much higher than it was in 2015. The fact that the price has stayed at $119 for 8 years should be commended when so many other services have steadily increased prices. A $30 increase is much more palatable with this context added. My cup of coffee at Starbucks costs more than the month to month increase on the annual plan. At first I was a little upset but with this added perspective this really isn’t such a big deal. Thank you for being transparent.


Not to mention the features that have been included along the way…I really dont see what all the outcry is about. Get over it or get off it.

As Baz L. said…Prices will rise…but trust me on the sunscreen!

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I believe so as well.

If I remember correctly, some time ago Deezer said they were working on integrating with Roon.

There is nothing to announce. Roon is always working with potential streaming services. They will announce it when and if they get it done. People should buy Roon, or not, based on what it is, not what it might become. The fact that @danny brought it up probably means they are getting close with someone.

Unless one already has a sub with said prospects then that just adds more to the subs you pay each month if you want another service…sigh what to do, at least for most of us we don’t “buy” music per se any more :joy: tho I do get the old LP now and again for when the internet goes out - oops another sore point that doesn’t bother me that much to be honest.

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Just a question, my renewal is January 25th of 2023. Would it be possible to renew in December so I can pay the lower price for one more year?

I am really surprised lifetime is sticking around. Danny’s statement that lifers are such a small part in the grand scheme of membership clarifies why they are keeping it around. Three years since the last price increase for lifetime?! Time certainly flies!

I am glad they are keeping it around. It is a helpful financial solution for many, even if it may not be best for Roon.

My most grateful and illuminating news that this whole thread has provided Roon isn’t worried about Tidal or Qobuz folding. My Roon/Qobuz/local file trinity is now an essential part of my lifestyle, and knowing Qobuz is expected to stick around thrills me.

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Christmas is just around the corner, if you think you might use Roon for 3+ years, try to spring for lifetime before the price goes up on Jan 1. Think of it as a new transport, not ‘just’ software.


Three questions…

Do you love Roon?
Does Roon work well for you?
Can you afford a US$699.99 expenditure?

I would say if you answered yes to these questions, jump on the lifetime subscription. If you answered no to any of these questions, then don’t.

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Best thing about lifetime is you never have to worry about price hikes again and you have peace of mind (in this area). It is an investment, for sure, but it is really worth it.


Now that offline play for local files is completely broken Roon is worth LESS than it was last year, not more. I’m really on the edge on this one.

@danny Can I just re-iterate what has been said elsewhere but deserves further highlighting to the ROON management. In the United Kingdom the combined price rise and exchange rate position means this represents a price rise of +40% (please check my maths) to your customer base here. In these times of high inflation across all products and services I wonder how this will impact your growth and future strategy? Clearly, ‘lifetimers’ are very happy, but for those who aren’t for many reasons, I can’t help but think this is bad for the long-term global growth of the business: ROON is a fantastic product but it will remain niche with this price barrier outside the US for as long as the Dollar remains strong. I’m sure others will have differing views - but one perspective for your consideration.


For once the UK is getting the rough end of the exchange rate. Some countries have and continue to suffer the dollar and pound exchange as a matter of normality (define normal.)

Does the BBC report the $ to UKP at the end of each news bulletin. Our radio news bulletins report the three primary exchange rates £ , € and $ even on the half hour headlines

Welcome to the real world where inflation and exchange rate volatility play havoc with purchasing ability , some of us have been there for years :smiling_imp:

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Kind of surprised at the responses to my post: I was merely pointing out that at age 75, a lifetime sub is not the bargain a 25 year old might realize.
I am still working and have enough discretionary income to buy a lifetime sub.
50 years ago I bought a lifetime subscription to Consumers Reports magazine: now that was a bargain!
Anyway I did not mean to complain about the cost increase: I am still a ROON fan and but for my age would consider a lifetime sub. My only complaint is that my Anthem AVM90 is still not ROON certified.

I will take the chance and change from “annually” to “lifetime”. Don’t want to spend the digital part of my music hobby without Roon…


Apologies if my post wasn’t received well. Wasn’t my intention to cause any offence.

I was enquiring more to see if you were ex armed forces, police, paramedic, fireman etc. Then I’d more than just agree that Roon might want to consider different pricing plans, I’d say you’ve servered your country and fellow citizens and deserve something in return.

ex armed forces, police, paramedic, fireman - half price
Students - some level of reduction

(Here in the UK, when you reach the national retirement age you can apply for a free bus pass. That kind of thing)

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Roon is fantastic for my use as of now, but am reluctant to take the life plunge.

When i subscribed to Roon, the lifetime option was already at the current price level.
I would have bought in on Roon lifetime at an instance If it was at $499, at that time.
Now i will use Roon as is and have a 6-7 year window before lifetime would pay off.

I stream most of the time and use my library less than 1% of the time, probably only at a network outage (not often).
With Roon 2.0 the option to play offline from a library has been terminated, as i have read on the forum (not testet).

There are only two supported streaming options whereof one is a no go (MQA bluff) and the other one is a niche player.
It does not look like Roon wil be adopted by other (big) streaming services.
No streaming “plugins/support” in Roon renders Roon useless for my use case, as library curation is not my focus.
The above Roon has no influence on, Roon is dependent on streaming companies willing to allow and facilitate integration.

I hope i am wrong, but am not “gambling” on lifetime, i will stay on annual and see if time proves me wrong.

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I share this fear, which was my only reason not to make a decision in favour of “Roon lifetime” up to now… The integration of other streaming providers would be excellent, although I believe that it is not Roon that has to act here, but rather these providers that have to open up.

Isn’t it a bit bizar to send me an email announcing a considerable raise in price of the Roon subscription while I am experiencing such problems with this softwaere allready for so many months?

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