Upgrading Nucleus memory?


I thought about my question a little more and I think can simplify it to be: is the Nucleus hardware designed so that the end user can add memory? That is, is there an open memory slot or is the current memory easily pulled out (not soldered) and replaced.

My impression is that the answer is no.

Technically, the answer is yes, but it involves disassembling the storage tray and connection board. You can see the RAM banks underneath the harddrive plaform in these pics (two banks, the bottom one filled with Kingston RAM, red-and-white label):


I’ll leave it to @danny to advise whether this is a recommended procedure for end users and/or whether this has any impact to your warranty.

Yes, and if you are comfortable doing it on an a PC, you can do it on the Nucleus too.

Yes, there is an open slot. Yes, the existing RAM can be pulled out and replaced.

If you have a Nucleus+ and are approaching or over 300k tracks, we recommend adding another 8GB stick.

No impact to warranty, assuming you do not damage the unit.

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So currently on the Nucleus+ only one slot is occupied by an 8GB RAM? We can simply buy another 8GB RAM and slot it in to make it 16?

From comments made by Danny elsewhere yes this should be the case. Try to buy the same brand/spec module if you can tho I have run mixed brands in other computers wth no impact as long as the spec is the same

How do you access the RAM slots? From the picture on internal storage installation, I notice that in the middle there is a big black 2.5” hard drive mount. Do we need to remove it to access the RAM slots?

Yes you do.

Be sure you actually need the extra RAM – Danny’s estimate above is accurate. If you don’t need it it will literally be unused and wasted.

Here’s my NUC6i5 on Arch running my ~30K tracks collection (it rarely exceeds 1GB):

The magic of Linux/Unix

I admit I do not need :stuck_out_tongue: as I have a similar library size as yours.

Currently I am running ROCK in an NUC 6i5 with 2x8GB RAM. The RAMs were cheaper then when I built it 2 years ago. I could hear the improvement when switching from running Roon Core in Windows 10 to ROCK when it was made available. But I always had this thought in my head that I probably could further improve the sound quality. Though 6i5 is quiet, it is not fan-less, any vibration when the fan kicks in will definitely degrade the sound reproduction. And correct me if I am wrong, I thought I read somewhere that the Roon OS in Nucleus+ is different from the free ROCK I am currently running in my NUC. With a fan-less Nucleus+ and its optimised Roon OS in Nucleus+, I could possibly extract a better sound quality from Roon.

My head and my heart are still debating if I should order a Nucleus+. If I do, I can just transfer the 2x8GB RAM (DDR4 2133 MHz) over from my NUC and future-proof the Nucleus+ for the foreseeable future.

OT but really? Where did you get this idea from? Roon uses RAAT which is bit perfect data transmission, end to end. How is a tiny amount of vibration supposed to influence this?

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@support Help, does anyone know if I can install 2 16GB 2666MHz sticks into my Nucleus+

Of course you can. It is a standard Intel NUC motherboard, I think they are using the 7th gen motherboard.

Something like this should work,

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Thanks for the info, just installed a pair of these:

Booted up and Roon was running after about 5 minutes

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Does the NUC need any BIOS config to recognise the new amount or is it just automatically detected?

Automatically detected


Most every modern motherboard auto senses both ram and disk drives

Installed fully compatible memory 16GB, also replaced with a compatible faster M2 SSD 250GB. Result-increased speed, stability. :+1: :dizzy:

Autoselection of all compatible components: :gear:

how did you do that? did you clone the disk?

It’s simple. M2 was changed in the Roon, I just installed the memory.