Upgrading Nucleus memory?

I’ve searched and searched for this…found nothing so far.

I’ve been told (and read somewhere) that the Nucleus can be upgraded from 8gb to 16gb of memory.

Is that true? If so, what kind of memory is compatible and how does one install it? Downside?

Pointers or links would be appreciated.

I have a Nucleus+ on order. Trying to figure out how I want to set it up…so I can just leave it :). I also tend to believe you should get computers with the most horsepower available because who knows what features will come in the future. That said, I’m not used to buying a single-use computer like the Nucleus.


Sure you are.
You have a car? A dishwasher? A camera?

We were buying a sewing machine, there was the SX9700, or we “we could upgrade to the SX9800 which has more fonts.”

Hmm hardly comparable. This is hardly a bespoke piece of equipment engineered to do it’s job and nothing else than it was built for. Have you tried to do anything else with a dishwasher or sewing machine. The nucleus is still just a pc with a bespoke os that is available for free use and some fancy emperors new clothes.

That was my point: it isn’t.
You can’t run anything else on it.
You can take it apart and reuse its components, but then it is not a Nucleus anymore.
This is the thesis I have discussed at length: a new powerful trend, single purpose devices.
If you want a computer, buy a computer.
Nucleus is a single purpose appliance. It is made with computer technology, but that doesn’t make it a computer. Which is wonderful.


There is no upside to more memory. The Roon guys have spec’d it appropriately. The OS won’t use anymore than 8GB as I understand it.

Why are you looking to mod a single-purpose device? As others, Anders said, the Nucleus is a power it up and use it device, not something to upgrade or tinker with.

A NUC running ROCK, tinker away!

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For the Nucleus, it doesn’t make sense (because you will hit other walls), but for the Nucleus+, it may be required if you have a very large library. We had a user that was coming close to 8GB used up with a bit short of 350k tracks.

We have another customer with 700k tracks that will blow past 16GB at some higher number (unknown what).

However, at libraries that large, you will have other performance issues that do not involve RAM.

Depends on the model. Best is to open it up and look. Then install. If you know computers, do it. Otherwise, take it to someone who does.

Thanks Danny. Nucleus+ is what I have ordered.

I don’t have a huge number of tracks but many of them are hires and DSD (which my Linn does not support so the Nucleus will do the heavy lifting here), my library approaches five tb and is growing.

I don’t want to tinker. I don’t think adding memory to a computer - even if it is a single purpose one - really qualifies as tinkering. I just want to do all my setup at the beginning, put it in my media closet and forget about it.

Memory is cheap. Why not future proof by maxing the capacity?

I can take a look if I open it up to add a SSD. If any one has experience worth adding memory (namely those with these huge libraries) I would love to hear what you bought.


RAM will not be impacted by size of the music files, but by how much metadata you have available to you once Roon “upgrades” the known metadata.

Roon will probably get more efficient in this regard faster than you hit 30k albums :slight_smile:

But, it can be converted to a computer in a heartbeat…or two.

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Within the strictures of any warranty exceptions, I too tend to future proof. I can’t think of a downside, other than the cost.

You should work with the seller to get specific memory specs, but I suspect they are similar to Intel’s 7i7BNH model.

Why would you want to?
It is made from computer parts, and those parts are cheaper than the Nucleus (NUC, ROCK).
If you want a computer, get a computer.

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Short answer: to repurpose it for unknown future uses. OR, cheap insurance against unknown future CPU demands.

And then, you’re gonna ask me, “why don’t you just buy the memory when and if it stops becoming a ROCK. You won’t spend money on possibly idle memory.”

Then, I would write back, “Well, just 'cause I WANNA, okay?” and then I would dissolve into a thoroughly defeated heap, secretly acknowledging to myself your perfect reasoning.

And then, you would smile knowingly and notch your belt, having shown a plebe once again the wisdom of your thinking.

OR, perhaps I could fold now and forego all of the above. “You are right. I don’t know what I was thinking,” I would say.


Saves a lot of time, and bits :rofl:

I’m just very enthusiastic about my new vision of “no more computers”.
Sorry about that.

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Glad you took my smart a** post well; it was just a goof. Almost deleted it.

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Still don’t buy it, it’s still a computer however much you dress it up or down. Maybe currently a single purpose computer due to the OS but it the same components and config as a computer. It just like my pi’s with Ropieee installed
they are still computers.


I thought about my question a little more and I think can simplify it to be: is the Nucleus hardware designed so that the end user can add memory? That is, is there an open memory slot or is the current memory easily pulled out (not soldered) and replaced.

My impression is that the answer is no.

Technically, the answer is yes, but it involves disassembling the storage tray and connection board. You can see the RAM banks underneath the harddrive plaform in these pics (two banks, the bottom one filled with Kingston RAM, red-and-white label):


I’ll leave it to @danny to advise whether this is a recommended procedure for end users and/or whether this has any impact to your warranty.

Yes, and if you are comfortable doing it on an a PC, you can do it on the Nucleus too.

Yes, there is an open slot. Yes, the existing RAM can be pulled out and replaced.

If you have a Nucleus+ and are approaching or over 300k tracks, we recommend adding another 8GB stick.

No impact to warranty, assuming you do not damage the unit.

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So currently on the Nucleus+ only one slot is occupied by an 8GB RAM? We can simply buy another 8GB RAM and slot it in to make it 16?

From comments made by Danny elsewhere yes this should be the case. Try to buy the same brand/spec module if you can tho I have run mixed brands in other computers wth no impact as long as the spec is the same