Use hardware volume buttons for volume control

Another bubbleupnp feature I’m really missing – ability to map the hardware volume controls to volume. I see there have been numerous requests for this over the years, but doesn’t look like it’s ever made the roadmap?

I was looking for a solution to that and did not find it. Found a decent work around though.

My preAmp is roon ready and I send the signal to it and have the Volume control setting in roon to Device Volume.

I set a windows hot key of CONTROL / 0 (Zero on Number Pad) to start roon and then rely on the roon shortcuts of CONTROL / UP & CONTROL / DOWN keys.

You can be in any windows app and hit CONTROL / 0 and roon will start or come to the front if it is already running. Then you can CONTROL / UP or CONTROL / DOWN to adjust. Then you can cold ALT and hit TAB back to the app you were in. Did not take long and you can do this without missing a beat.

Chose CONTROL / 0 since the 0 is right next to my UP and DOWN arrow keys on the keyboard. If you use the 0 on number pad the 0 on top of keyboard will not execute this.

To set the windows hot key for roon right click on the shortcut you use to launch roon and get properties. If it is on your task bar you have to right click a second time. On the SHORTCUT tab put your cursor in the shortcut key field then hold down CONTROL and press 0 (on the number pad)

Hope this helps

Until they get round to this ,If your an Android user I suggest looking at the itRoxs extension for Roon and the accompanying app. It allows lockscreen control of any zone and volume control using the volume buttons. You will find it in Tinkering section.

Why not use this: