Use Windows Explorer for Display

I setup the display feature on Chrome and Safari and it works great.

My automation system (charmed quark controller) has the ability to embed a web interface but only with Explorer which is not supported by Roon’s Display feature. Any way this could be changed so I could use Explorer.

I am on Windows 7, 32bit.

Ah sorry, saw this to late. Please see my answer in your other thread. Maybe you can upgrade the software of your automation system? Windows 7 support ends on January 14. 2020.

PS: Roon’s display feature doesn’t support transport control. The Roon Web Controller extension I mentioned in my other post (see above) has transport controls and runs in Internet Explorer 11 (sort off) under Windows 7 64-bit (sorry but I don’t have a 32-bit to test). Maybe you want to try it.

Additional information for others that may want to chime in: