Using an outdated iPad with Roon?

@Mike_O_Neill If you have the latest iOS then there is no limitation. Roon only works with iOS 11 and higher thus the limitation to older iPads that run an iOS lower than 11. Older iPads are not able to continue to update to latest iOS. I have 2 iPads one older than the other that has stopped updating at iOS 9.3.5. At some point your iPad will do the same. This is apples way of forcing you to buy another iPad. They do the same with their computers but we still buy them. The joys of technology.

I must be lucky I thought mine was old !

Obviously not , it keeps updating to latest iOS

Hi larserikdahle,

I have an iPad Air 2 I use mainly for Roon control. I do not know how old it is but it must be older than 7 years. It runs IOS 13.3.1 perfectly and Roon works fine. Have you tried to update your iPad? I can not understand why 9.3.5 would be the latest possible.


My oldest iPad was dead when I wrote my reply and now it’s charged. The last iOS it stopped updating to was ios 5.1.1. May I present to you the first version iPad which is 10 years old.

My iPad is 3rd generation, and 9.3.5 is the latest supported OS.

Check out this list:

iPad and iPad Air are two different products. All of this information about there capabilities and last iOS are online if you care to find out. This is how Apple forces us to buy a new iPad.

I am using VNC viewer on Ios 9, after installing VNC server on the core.
It’s working slow but almost fine.
I could not get the web display to work on that old Safari though…
I tried almost any browser that I could think of, but it’s not showing in Roon Displays setting.


They don’t force anyone to do anything. iPads last much longer than Android regarding OS updates, years and years longer.

I have a 1st and 2nd Gen iPad at the office for diagnostic purposes. Works as well as my new iPad in the same setting. When Apple adds features that need more ram and/or faster processor, then some apps may not be compatible. SONOS relented and makes S1 App to continue with our older SONOS units. At home I use a newer iPad and an old iPad to control Roon.

The bottom line is Apple agreed to end built in obsolescence from IOS12 upwards, a response to legitimate criticism of how they dealt with older products. They are doing the right thing now, but they haven’t always.

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I’d love to use my own 1st gen iPad as a Roon Remote, but yours is unfortunately an incorrect assessment, inasmuch as there are good business reasons not to build today’s software on hardware from 10 years ago (not that they’re morally valid, but many are technologically valid). If I’m not mistaken, in the case of Roon, there’s display stuff that simply can’t be done on older iPads for hardware reasons. Maybe @danny can explain better.

Not to play Apple fanboi or anything, but they happen to not be as bad as the multiple Android vendors, many of which simply don’t release updates (it’s gotten better, but still). And let’s not get started with embedded stuff (software is expensive, so as long as updates aren’t a selling point, why bother… This of course isn’t everywhere, you have companies (Lumin and @wklie come to mind) that work extra hard to fight obsolescence, but I’ve yet to hear a valid technological explanation as to why RAAT can’t run on a 1st gen Naim MU-SO QB, for example).

That is, unfortunately, incorrect as well, in the sense that to the best I can tell, Apple has made no such promise beyond iOS 12. Looks to me like they got themselves into a nasty lawsuit over battery life, and threw customers a bone.

The one thing that’ll make these guys (be it Apple or Google or anyone else) change is legislation, the EU has pushed them a little bit, but it’s still farcically inadequate. So want to change things ? Vote. Or maybe sue, which is more expensive but it does appear to get the message across.

Aaand I found it. There you go.

I found my 30-pin cable and charged my original iPad (iOS 9.3.5).

The Roon Extension Web Controller works fine, but slow, in Safari. So, if you run extensions that may be a way to get some use out of your older iPads.

Hmmm. I must have missed this piece of news.

Installation of our development app to latest iOS requires a new version XCode, which requires a new version of Mac OS, which is not available on the desktop Mac I have access to. I’d rather not bother the only coworker who has a new MacBook every single time for testing Lumin app on new iOS, so I’m stuck at iOS 11 and must be very careful not to let iOS update itself.

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Unfortunately my Ipad 3 became almost unusable since I updated it to Ios 9.
It’s far too slow and with a lot of lag.
And this is for sure Apple’s fault.

Beyond that the vast majority of apps are not compatible anymore.

I guess I will buy a cheap Android tablet (i.e. Samsung Galaxy Tab A), and will dedicate it to Roon control and display.

Consider a Fire Tablet. IMHO they are better than the Tab A with Roon (I have both), and cheaper. With a little work and help from Google you can even get rid of the Amazon interface and make your Fire look and act like a normal Android tablet

Thanks David, I was talking about the Tab A 2019, it has a full hd 10" display, and it costs around 170€.
It should be better than Fire, what do you think?

I love Apple products, and I use an iPad Pro as a Roon remote.

But Apple are as ‘guilty’ as any other manufacturer in producing products with inbuilt obsolescence.

This is how Apple, among other tech companies, make their money.

Of course Martin, this is business.
I tried to use my old IPad but I gave up and thinking about buying something new.

I have the smaller Tab As (eight-inch, I think), one recent and one older. I’ve always had problems with Roon not being able to decide whether it wants to be in portrait or landscape mode with these. Tinkering with developer settings and DPI can resolve that, but it’s complicated. There are also apps that can deal with it. On the other hand, I have both eight-inch and 10-inch Fire tablets that default to landscape with Roon. So I favour the Fires, particularly since they are inexpensive, and even more so when on sale (a frequent occurrence). Some Galaxy Tabs also have an annoying problem where Samsung’s “Touchwiz” system initially stops working and reboots itself, adding considerably to boot times. You can find many references to that on Google. My newer model, with a later version of Android (and updated at least twice), does this and no suggested “fix” has resolved it. My older model does not.
Roon used to be a bit of a pain with Fire tablets because the app had to be sideloaded. However, for some time a Fire version of Roon has been available in the Amazon App Store, so that’s no longer an issue.