Using old phone as display

I’m looking for something similar. I have an old phone I’d like to use as a display. I tried installing the app, but it only works in portrait mode, it doesn’t respond to the phone being put in landscape. I also searched the “display” section, but I can’t find my phone there. Can’t I use a phone as a display?

You don’t use the Roon app for the display, but rather you use a web browser. In your Roon client go to Settings > Displays.You’ll see a link to an article explaining how to setup your display

As @hacker19 says, you need a browser, e.g. chrome, but It should then work if you run the browser on your phone. You don’t need Roon on the phone.

In the settings > display section of your Roon control/remote (whatever you are using to run Roon - probably not the phone), do you see a “web display URL”? Paste this into the browser on your phone. Then choose the chrome display via the little displays menu from the volume icon on your Roon control.

This KB article will help.

Highly recommend you tap into this project. I’ve found it works really well within the browser of older hardware. The new refresh is in Alpha stage and looks great.

You can find the 2.0 alpha version by searching the forums.