Using Roon with Internet Down

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MacMini M1 16GB 2TB

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Configuration all works fine but frequently power goes down and then internet goes down of course. used to be able to use Roon Core (MacMini M1) direct connected to RME ADAC to the rest of the stereo. No network needed since music is on that server. But now Roon decides I can’t use my home system when the internet is down?? should not have to log in or anything to just use my own server, music on my server, hardwired to stereo!!!

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Note, the core reboots when generator kicks in and Roon auto starts. apparently it tries to login or something that requires network. That is when it fails.

What is your purpose with this thread?

Yes, since V2.0 Roon requires the internet, even to listen to local music.

Maybe you’d be better of posting in this thread.

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Don’t you get your internet back when the generator ‘kicks in’?

If you put Roon Core, internet modem, and router on a UPS, you should be back in business when your generator takes over, no?

Please see this thread

Thanks for the response. Our internet does not come back when the generator is on. Charter Spectrum is down for the South Lake Tahoe area when power is down since their gear runs off NVEnergy. Don’t ask why…

Anyway appreciate the responses. don’t spend much time on forums since normally Roon runs so well.

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