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check the Metallica banner…not the best quality for a band that has a lot of hi res photos out there. It’s not awful, and I agree with you about low quality over no image at all, but I think it could be better.
Anyway, I think Roon tends to compress images, because I’ve uploaded my own images, which looked great on Photoshop, but once uploaded they showed a slight degree of pixelation, especially annoying in color transitions.

I have access to a lot of copyrighted images for use on the press, but the label asks to credit the author so I can’t use them here.
They’re mostly Metal bands, some of which don’t have images in Roon and other that could be improved in quality.
Perhaps they could implement a text field to credit authors which can then be displayed in the information section of the artist.
Also it would be nice to be able to identify the actual line up of a band for THAT particular image to show first, with the possibility to be updated…


I’ve been careful to get clearance without attribution requirements for everything I’ve uploaded as this is how the images are presented.

I agree with your point on Metallica’s banner art. The ‘best’ for me in terms of resolution and composition is the one with Cliff Burton on the left shot against a pink background. This is my favourite but it appears more people prefer the newer but lower resolution image. This is why I think there should be a resolution floor for banners and a rejection option for low resolution or artefact-heavy image choices in Valance Art Director.

Also, somebody has rejected every Metallica logo as ‘not the artist’ which is more than a little silly.

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I agree with the resolution floor, in the meantime we can see the resolution and choose the higher one. This should be also a consensus, because I think we all are contributing to make it better.
The system is still very new (and we’re all very excited) and maybe we should wait as Danny said, and see if in a couple of weeks this things find a balance.
Also I think, when possible, we should choose logos for the avatar, and prefer white logos on black background…but again we should give it a couple of weeks…

The idea is super and I started already to correct or to add some pictures.
In the meantime I found a bug. I wanted
to change the genres of an album ( from classique to classical - baroque). After that change I lost roughly the half of my library.
Fortunately I had a backup to reinstall it again!
Please have a look to that new problem!
Thanks a lot

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@danny I have noticed that sometimes different banner images are shown depending on the size of my Roon window, is this normal?

yes, but let me see an example please. we are introducing 4:3 shape today or tomorrow, which will be used as a banner on mobile.

We are clarifying the rejection text to make this a no-no, and making it so you can undo this as well.

Once this text is in place, offenses like this will result in losing access to Art Director.


The Deftones are a good example:

This is a caching thing… the image server cached the black and white image before as the size you had wanted it. Later, when you made the window much larger, the app made an effort to get you a higher resolution version of the same image. In this situation, it found that the top ranked photo was different, so it got you a higher resolution version of the “new” image, thus giving you 2 different images.

In 3-4 days, the black and white should disappear, as it is not currently the top ranked.

These images have just 1 or 2 vote difference, so it’s easy to switch between images right now, but as more favorites appear, things should settle down. Go Vote! :slight_smile:

Do you get to vote before any user cropping and/or after? Example when you really don’t want to vote for any of them. Great band, BTW.

@danny ,
oh ok that makes sense, thanks for the explanation! I will of course go vote :grin: .

click on the name of the band to go straight to them, and vote for all their images instead of a subset, or just refresh your browser to get another thing to do.

we are debating adding a skip button.

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A skip button would be great. There are a lot of artists I just do not know or feel qualified to vote on.

sure… but if all the photos have the same number of people, just pick the best looking photo!

I’m really confused about all of this. If I search for Elephant9 in Roon Valence I get this:

No images listed for Elephant9.

If I select Elephant9 in Roon and click on Improve this Photo I get this:

There are Avatar and Banner images shown. How are these two situations in Valence different?

Also Danny, you suggested simply vote for them all. How do you do that? I can only “heart” one image at a time.