Valence Art Director in Roon

It does not appear to even fix them for the roon base, changes you make are not reflected in your library. This is a bizarre ‘feature.’

As I am typically a listener of more obscure artists without accompanying photos in Roon this is really cool.

However… (:slight_smile:) asking me to approve images in Art Director for artists I don’t know is strange to me. How do I know if the image is the artist I am being asked to approve? Feels a bit like Captcha. :sunglasses:

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Also I accidentally made an image ‘bad for roon’ and there is no way to reverse it. I see no purpose to this thing, you could have just allowed these simple editing tools for our database images and that would be progress. At this stage we are just data inputters for roon.

It can take up to 3-4 days for caches to refresh.

It’s ok, someone else will fix it.

It’s ok, no one is forcing you to use it.


No one is asking you to approve anything. We are asking you to adjust faces and stuff. It’s to tap into that human ability we all have from birth to be able to recognize faces.

We also ask you to “favorite” a photo from a set of photos. You don’t need to know the artist to just pick the best photo.

There is a lot of theory about crowd sourcing and the wisdom that can be extracted from these efforts. You can’t really mess up, the system is designed to prevent that. If you are malicious, we will take steps to undo that “work”. It’s also one reason we require a paid subscription to participate.


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Oh, c’mon @danny… Splitting hairs? :roll_eyes: The Art Director web page use case is what I’m referring to. Maybe “asking” was the wrong word. I didn’t mean that it was a term of my Roon usage. Epic fanboy here, fwiw.

That was unclear to me. Sorry.

I actually agree. I simply misunderstood that I was improving already approved image choices, not agreeing that it was the right artist for the image.

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I have seen icons and banners for some artists change multiple times since installing build 880. How regularly are artist appearances in my library going to change?

I guess that bigger artists are going to see more edits but I hope my Interpol and Iron Maiden etc. aren’t going to be changing appearance every few hours.

Interpol in particular are quite funny because the Carlos D, the former bassist, has gone from clean shaven to moustache to not present at all and is now back to present with a moustache.

A few random questions here. I covered most of the forum landscape looking for answers, but forgive me if I missed one or two.

  1. What is the case for everyone having the identical set of pictures? Can I put a picture up without it being voted upon? Say, a backstage pic of me and some artist?

  2. I just uploaded pics where none existed before. By definition, these are new. But Roon does not release them for me to show. So how long must I wait before a vote is considered finished?

  3. How many Roonies voting does it take to constitute a valid vote? I upload pics of the second violas of some secure orchestra.

  4. It seems that, with 200K+ users, some pictures will be uploaded, voted upon, and replaced with regularity. For those Luddites who want to get off of this improvement train, is there a way to opt out of the process? Namely, can one say “thanks, I’m happy with my art?”

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Well, it’s great to see some images I submitted are now in Roon. Without Willow are the artist…

I notice some artists do not display the option to 8se the image editor…

Happy to admit I was wrong here, noting a nice improvement in just a few days with way more images etc appearing in artists.

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Has your Amorphis banner image updated yet?

Here’s how mine looks, grabbed straight from Roon Valance with no customisation. :metal:

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Mine has updated to this image as well.
Pretty sure I voted for that one on my few long sessions so far on the website

Good addition. Did some edits and saw the edits back in Roon.

My only complaint is: don’t let the images be disfigured by the text “Improve this photo”, under the three dots is fine.

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