Want to get Roon is Nucleus my best bet

(Martin Kelly) #21

The Roon Nucleus can accommodate internal SSD’s up to 9.5mm tall, so the SSD you mention would appear to be fine.
And yes, another advantage of an SSD is that it’s silent in operation. My 3TB external USB drive makes a very slight ‘buzz’ whilst in use, which is drowned-out by the music, but a Nucleus with SSD is deadly silent.
The only thing going for the USB option is cost/value. Internal SDD’s over 1TB are still very expensive.


Also you can use SSD in a USB enclosure they don’t have to be installed internally, Yes they wont have the same speed but this wont really matter much for music and USB3 is pretty fast, This is how all my music is accessed on my ROCK system. You get all the advantages of SSD quietness and the advantages of USB plug and play. This means you can also remove it and back it up manually or add more files to it on another computer very easily,

(ryan stratton) #24

OK I’m getting ready to pull the trigger. I looked at SGC and it’s tempting to save a few bucks but in all I read seems that Nucleus + with internal SSD would be the most elegant and trouble free and best sounding bet. I’m thinking of just leaving my DAC alone for the moment and getting this up and running on the software side then figuring out my DAC move. I’m leaning to the DCS Rossini. I was thinking of just getting the Nucleus from music direct since they have a nice return policy should anything not end up working for me. Does anyone have any dealers that you can get a better deal that straight retail on the Nucleus?

(Danny Dulai) #25

If you see a lower price, they are breaking the rules of pricing and will no longer be dealers if caught.

Amazon has a pretty great return policy as well: See our Amazon Prime storefront (US only).

(ryan stratton) #26

One more question. I normally like to view my music and browse etc… on either of my 27" iMacs. Will I have access to Roon on those screens when using the Nucleus to run Roon?

(Danny Dulai) #27

Of course. Just install the Roon app and connect to the Nucleus the first time you start the app.

If you already have Roon on those iMacs, did you will need to disconnect from your existing core in settings and reconnect to the Nucleus.