Want to get Roon is Nucleus my best bet

(Martin Kelly) #21

The Roon Nucleus can accommodate internal SSD’s up to 9.5mm tall, so the SSD you mention would appear to be fine.
And yes, another advantage of an SSD is that it’s silent in operation. My 3TB external USB drive makes a very slight ‘buzz’ whilst in use, which is drowned-out by the music, but a Nucleus with SSD is deadly silent.
The only thing going for the USB option is cost/value. Internal SDD’s over 1TB are still very expensive.


Also you can use SSD in a USB enclosure they don’t have to be installed internally, Yes they wont have the same speed but this wont really matter much for music and USB3 is pretty fast, This is how all my music is accessed on my ROCK system. You get all the advantages of SSD quietness and the advantages of USB plug and play. This means you can also remove it and back it up manually or add more files to it on another computer very easily,

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(ryan stratton) #24

OK I’m getting ready to pull the trigger. I looked at SGC and it’s tempting to save a few bucks but in all I read seems that Nucleus + with internal SSD would be the most elegant and trouble free and best sounding bet. I’m thinking of just leaving my DAC alone for the moment and getting this up and running on the software side then figuring out my DAC move. I’m leaning to the DCS Rossini. I was thinking of just getting the Nucleus from music direct since they have a nice return policy should anything not end up working for me. Does anyone have any dealers that you can get a better deal that straight retail on the Nucleus?

(Danny Dulai) #25

You won’t see a lower price advertised, because we have a MAP policy.

Amazon has a pretty great return policy as well: See our Amazon Prime storefront (US only).

(ryan stratton) #26

One more question. I normally like to view my music and browse etc… on either of my 27" iMacs. Will I have access to Roon on those screens when using the Nucleus to run Roon?

(Danny Dulai) #27

Of course. Just install the Roon app and connect to the Nucleus the first time you start the app.

If you already have Roon on those iMacs, did you will need to disconnect from your existing core in settings and reconnect to the Nucleus.

(Michael Fanning) #28

Besides the great return policy, one can get a bona-fide discount on a Nucleus by using the Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature credit card on the purchase: 5% credit!


I have been running Roon off of an iMac (2015) with an external HD and using a Linn Klimax DS. Prior to 1.6 operation was FLAWLESS. Since 1.6 quite a bit of problems, slow performance, general unpleasantness.

Will a Nucleus solve these problems - or are the issues primarily from 1.6 growing pains (as I see a number of posts with 1.6 issues).

One thing I like about running from my iMac is the ability to use third party Mac OS programs to automatically run cloud backup of my collection (Arq to back up my music files to the various cloud services)

If using a Nucleus with an internal HD how can cloud backup be accomplished - or even backup to another hd on the network (specifically an external HD connected to the iMac)

(Mike) #30

I don’t believe so… probably a 1.6 issue which will hopefully be fixed.

Roon can backup the database to a network share, but not the music files. You will probably still want to use your iMac to do that.

(ryan stratton) #31

I tried Roon a couple years ago on my iMac which does share duties for a lot of other things. I had so many problems I gave up trying to get it to work. I’m definitely not looking for any issues if I get the Nucleus. Sounds like I might need to do a bit more investigating before I pull the trigger on this purchase.

(Scott G) #32

I don’t see backing up music on an internal hard drive in Nucleus as a problem. I built a ROCK and put a 1TB solid state drive in it. Loaded all my music on it.
This is quite visible on my network as:

This is Windows, but I can’t see how this would be more difficult on a MAC. Maybe Roon can’t back up it, but any network service would be able to. My Synology NAS backs it up.


Yep backing up from Nucleus or ROCK is so simple. Just giive your backup software the bath to its storage, job done. I back up to QNAP, then cloud.


How do you manage to have your Synology doing the backup of music files?
I can’t get it up running, Synology helpdesk confirmed to me it isn’t possible unless you have one of the more proff versions of Synology (mine is 216j version).

(Scott G) #35

I understand. It isn’t the same way you back up from one Synology NAS to another.
The easiest way is to use Acronis True Image on the PC. Since the ROCK folder is in the list of network drives you can just point to that location as the source and the Synology as the destination. The first synchronization takes a long time. After that the incremental backups are easy and can be done in the background while you’re working on the PC.
Another way is to install Synology Drive on your PC and run it on the Synology NAS (they are both free). If you map the ROCK drive (to something like R:), then you can synchronize the Synology folder and the ROCK folder. Same deal, the first one takes a long time but after that it is transparent.
I have run into issues with some of the other methods, so I just took the path of least resistance.


Thanks, good to have some input for an “IT dummie”.

So understand, I need to involve a 3rd part, a Windows computer can do. Download the program and follow your instruction.

The issue is, I can see the Synology unit on my computer, but not the Nucleus (Rock) unit!

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I’m sure you don’t need to go through a pc and use Acronis to backup to Synology? Is there no way to add the Nucleus’ music folder as network mount in its backup software? This is how I do it on my QNAP it’s so painless and works flawlessly.

(Steve) #38

I am following this thread as I have just ordered a nucleus and I was wondering how I would perform a back up. I always assumed it would back up to the nucleus ?
I know this is not ideal but at present the core is on a lap top and I back up to this lap top and occasionally to a usb stick just in case it is needed

(Scott G) #39

[quote=“grossmsj, post:32, topic:66928”]
is the address the ROCK used when I installed the OS. Did you try to enter that in the Windows File Explorer?

@CrystalGipsy I hear you. I tried a couple of different ways to do it through Synology. One error message I got was something to the effect “won’t back up remote folder”. When I tried another third party package it wouldn’t do it because it couldn’t get ACL permissions. I don’t have the chops to make it work via rsync. So these were the next two methods on my list and they did it. It would be easier if Synology did it directly, for sure.

@Womaz, if you put your music on your Nucleus, you definitely want it backed up to at least one other distinct computer not the Nucleus. Best practice is to also have a backup to another physically distinct area (like the cloud or something outside your home)

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(Steve) #40

Yes my music is backed up to another usb drive and it will remain so.
I was referring to the roon back up

(Scott G) #41

Sorry, I misunderstood. My Roon Core on the ROCK is set to backup to my NAS. In this case Roon writes that backup to the network drive.
Odd, but I can’t get the network drive to pull the music off the ROCK. Maybe a more advanced Synology user will have another solution.

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