Want to use Metadata in automation system

I have a Nuvo Grand Concerto whole house audio system.
I have the software & hardware that allows me to send metadata from non Nuvo systems to the keypads.

I am using Roon as one of my sources for my Nuvo and would like to get the metadata from Roon for current playing artist and song. Is this available?

It would also be great to have some basic control (skip, start playlist, que info, album art, etc). Is any of this available?

I also would like to use the display feature with Windows Explorer. Is there a work around for this?

Roon has it’s own API (#tinkering:roonapi) to build so called extensions for Roon. The Roon Web Controller – as an example – is such an extension that allows to control Roon with a web browser. It has transport controls and shows track information while playing.
Sadly, AFAIK no one has made an extension for your Nuvo Grand Concerto so far.

What exactly do you want to know? What doesn’t work?

PS: Windows Internet Explorer 11 under Windows 7 doesn’t work. If that’s your problem, please do your self a favor and install a recent browser on your system and stop using that dinosaur.

I understand that E11 is a Dino. I normally use Chrome & Safari.

My automation system is what is limited to E11. So when I put the ip:port/display/ in E11 the browser does not show up as a Roon Display. There is not a way to upgrade the browser within my automation system. Any chance to add E11 as an alternative to the more favored browsers?

I’m not working for Roon, I’m just a fellow Roon user. But I don’t think that Roon Labs is willing to invests resources to add support for a third party product (IE11) that even it’s manufacturer is no longer willing to support.

Your only hope is then if you can find some useful information in this thread: Customized Displays: OK to share? i.e. rebuilding the code to work with the old browser. If you get it to work, remember to keep a backup, as Roon will probably overwrite it on upgrades.

Hi! Joe here, from that thread. When I try to run the Roon Display in IE11, I get a syntax error deep in the display js, inside the Roon API javascript module. You’re likely to have better luck with the Roon Web Controller extension, or maybe something even simpler, for your “display.”

As for the metadata, you could definitely write an extension using the Roon API to get the metadata to your keypads, and to get transport controls from your keypads to Roon. But I doubt anyone will do that for you, since the Nuvo Grand Concerto is discontinued and no longer supported.

If you are a programmer, then the Roon API https://github.com/RoonLabs/node-roon-api and specifically the Roon Transport API https://github.com/RoonLabs/node-roon-api-transport provide access to displayable now playing information as well as transport control (play/pause, fwd, rev, seek etc). There are other APIs for library browsing as well.

This Transport API is not a metadata API as such as the resulting text is provided in three display formats - one line, two lines and three lines (all of which are untagged) along with a URL and API to access artwork (via the Roon image API https://github.com/roonlabs/node-roon-api-image).

The easiest way to use these APIs is generally via node.js (javascript) in the form of a Roon extension that would need to be hosted somewhere suitable on a device on the same network as Roon.

The Roon API provides basic examples to get you going and is I think very straight forward for a programmer.

As for using the Roon display, you may get better behaviour using an up to date browser such as Chrome or Safari. The Roon display will show information that the APIs I mention above provide as it uses them (and others) and do the Roon extensions that provide web UIs for now playing information and basic transport control.