Was Displaying MQA but Now it's Showing ORFS

I tried searching for ORFS and found a thread but because I’m not a techie in any sense, it was way over my head. I was hoping that someone here can tell me if I’m still playing MQA files or are ORFS files something different.

If you set the Lumin D2 to “Decoder + Renderer”, Roon will send the raw MQA (if no DSP / volume leveling / grouped zones) to Lumin, this way Lumin will display MQA, perform both MQA Core decoding and MQA Rendering.

If you set the Lumin D2 to “Renderer Only”, Roon will do the MQA Core decoding, send the MQA Core signal to Lumin, this way Lumin will display OFS and perform MQA Rendering.

Both are normal and comply with the latest requirements from MQA Ltd. and Roon signal path display.

Both are playing back MQA to their fullest extent. Although digitally the same, in case you hear a difference please tell me which sounds better to you.

To understand more please read


Thank you Peter, that explains a lot!

I’ll spend some time reading the link you provided me.

I really appreciate the help.

Try reading this post:

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I’m sorry Daniel but your post might as well be in Greek because I have no idea what it means. When you suggested that I “open a tag editor” is when you lost me.

You may have missed the part of my original post where I said “I’m not a techie in any sense.”

I do want to thank you for the effort though.