What does Roon Radio actually DO?

They’ll affect each other. All of the taste stuff is based on your Roon profile–so if you have multiple people in the household using Roon, they can all be separate.

Fantastic…cheers Brian

Is there a way to build a relatively short Playlist and then use Roon radio to expand it or fill it out? You can do something like that in Pandora by listing a group of artists and letting it build the playlist based on that grouping. Ideally, in Roon, I’d love to start with the simple playlist, turn to Roon radio and then add a third choice to the thumbs up/thumbs down which would be “add to my playlist.”

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Not directly, you can play tracks and then select them from history and add to a playlist.

Does the new Roon radio functionality also apply to local only libraries (without Qobuz/Tidal) or does it only work with streaming services?

only streaming, it’s in the release notes.

Why does it only apply to streaming? I mean… I get that with a local library it’s not going offer tracks that are only on streaming etc… but it seems the new radio is a more learning/intelligent type of radio, so wondering why similar benefits can’t be (at least partially) achieved with local libraries as well.

So from a “quick” read of this thread the longer I use radio is will start to learn from me using the thumbs up/down ? Ive mentioned in another thread that radio has always worked well for me but 1.6 is pretty hopeless at the moment. I left it playing today and it was jumping around genres all over the place, the last three tracks were louis armstrong onto radiohead then bach?? I stopped it after that, I dont really want to spend time teaching it what it should be playing

What seed did you use? I’m curious as I’m getting very mixed results as well. Sometimes it is working very well. Other times much less so. There were a lot of technical difficulties last few days so it is possible radio defaulted back to a local library only 1.5 mode

That’s also my question.

Brian, there’s an old saying in statistics: if you torture the data long enough, it will confess.

One other observation: rethink what it is you are trying to maximize. “Absence of complaints” is nothing like “satisfaction”. People’s propensity to complain will decay over time. And libraries can grow for all kinds of reasons other than Roon Radio algorithms.

The seed was " Dansons avec le Ry​-​co Jazz" by Ry​-​co Jazz. Afro/Latin jazz from the 60’s. After this I think we went to CCR and every othe sort of music in my collection. There is really no sort rhyme or reason about what its choosing. I saw on another radio thread that we are supposed to be selecting a genre and then radio will work better. Never had to do this with any of the earlier version

Ah. Is that your own Vinyl rip? I don’t have Tidal but I couldn’t find it on Qobuz.

I didn’t get that impression from Brian’s discussion.

I didn’t see that either. @brian explicitly said that at present, they are not using the thumb data at all, just collecting it.

The learning comes from the vast quantity of user plays, collected over the past year or more.

This is also why it can’t be adapted to a local library. Modern machine learning is all about large quantity.

Hi, no its on bandcamp https://ry-cojazz.bandcamp.com/album/dansons-avec-le-ry-co-jazz

Finding great music in unexpected places. :grinning:Thanks for the link, @Gary_Proudfoot!

Hi Gary. Now I think I understand. You must be playing radio 1.5 with your local library?

The new algorithm 1.6 only works with a streaming account as it needs volume stats from the roon community to make the associations. I would imagine there is more of a chance of finding a French band like Ry-Co Jazz on Qobuz than Tidal, but I couldn’t find them. There is some Afro Latin, a few compilations/retrospectives and also more mainsteam stuff from Duke Ellington and Dizzy Gillespie from a time when afro-latin jazz cross-over must have been more common. I’d say they would be a bit mainstream for your tastes.

I tried launching radio 1.6 with a few Quobuz tracks but got a lot of “unexpected error, roon cannot find anything similar”. I had more luck with Afro-Cuban but it’s not really the same thing. It also, worked with a Dizzy Gillespie cross-over but pretty much immediately was in hard-bop and certainly didn’t stick with Afro-Latin.

Out of curiosity I imported a few albums to see how it would work with my local library and radio 1.5. It very quickly went to a more contemporary Fusion style. S-Tone Inc., Matt Bianco, Sergio Mendes, that sort of thing. But I think that is just reflecting my local library. I would only have a few Afro-Latin from the 60’s hidden in some compilations (if at all).

What I notice is that a lot of the Qobuz stuff I could find has generic Jazz and Fusion tags so with Radio 1.5 that is what roon will probably pick up so the spread will be pretty wide and not necessarily what you were expecting. Roon radio, both 1.5 and 1.6 can be very successful but not with every genre, especially where it is a minority listening taste amoungst the roon user base. In general I find 1.6 to be a distinct improvement on 1.5 (except when its not :hushed).

Thank you Simon for your succinct input to the explanation of the latest Roon Radio. I have both Tidal & Qobuz and I am really impressed with the way Roon Radio creates the queue from the initial chosen track. Obviously the thumbs up/down & comments influence is a work in progress as to how it influences the queues but my overall opinion is massively positive. One observation to add to the criteria it seems to use in selecting tracks is tempo. I have started queues with the initial track folk, americana, reggae, blues, rock, alternative, prog, R&B and jazz and found them all adept at maintaining a similar mood or tone until I have needed a change. Early days, but so far I am a very enthusiastic, especially as it is, in effect, an additional capability to the primary album related function.

Why can’t it get aggregated stats from the Roon community directly via Roon, why does it need the involvement of Tidal/QoBuz etc?

There is a full explanation from Roon earlier in the thread.

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