What happens with the lifetime subscribers if the company folds or is sold?

This is clear Danny, thanks
Hope this will not be likely to happen anyway
Your tool is great

I wish you for Christmas 203x or 204x or 205x a large and well paid Roon team with many qualified employees. The problem with the lifelong subscriptions from the early days of 201x solves itself, because we all do not become 110 or 120 years.

I wish to take Roon to Paradise with me at the same time. If the market conditions are no longer right, I wish the transfer to open source with support from the strong community.

The life’s work of the founders must not be retired where many of us already are. It is strange what life problems retirees have.

The demand to go lifelong I would also do, but not for Roon, but for my own life. Those who can’t or don’t want to spend the last 100 € or $ a year should think even less.

Thanks for the clarification. :+1:

I suggest one should have a backup plan in case Roon ceases to exist.
Not that I believe this might happen in the near future, but I think possible black swans should be always in the back of our minds. I have set up Audirvana and JRiver as a backup, just in case.


Now 8 years after this topic was started, I believe Roon has sufficiently proven it’s longevity and dedication to the mission of simplicity of interface and integration of a music system. I plan to buy lifetime when it’s in my budget.


Yep, just like Sears! Not dissing Roon…just saying that’s interesting logic.


You would think there would be something written into Roon’s current terms and conditions about Lifetime membership and them going out of business. I do hope not as I am a lifer. I would be like a prisoner with no cell.

Just chill. Pay your subscription and enjoy the music! :smiley:

No such word as Chill in this house… ha ha. As said I am a fully paid-up lifer.

In that case: Just chill and enjoy the music! :smiley:

Find something else to worry about.


If the company goes out of business, it’s to be expected that it won’t work well. They might release a final crippled version for lifers as promised, but a lot of it relies on cloud infrastructure and third-party licensed metadata which won’t be functional and paid for anymore.

If you buy a car and the company folds, it will be difficult to get new original spare parts. Nothing written will change that


I wish people would quit worrying about this. The worse that can happen is Roon stops working and you have to find another way to listen to music. Worry about the people who would lose their jobs or investment in time and money. One or two lifetime subscriptions is not something to worry about.

EDIT: Of all the things in life we could worry about, this is probably one of the least on my list.


While true, I doubt (at least I hope) that people worry about the money so much. There would also be a lot of editing and history gone. But it is what it is, so let’s hope Roon continues going strong


That would be gone whether you purchased lifetime or not. If you’re worried about losing your edits, stop doing edits. I listen to music for THE MUSIC. If Roon goes out of business, I’ll find another way to listen to music.

What if the earth gets hit by a gigantic meteor? Or, what if we have another pandemic much worse than Covid? What if you or your spouse come down with a terminal illness? Go listen to some music and take a chill pill.

I suggest Roon close this thread. What else is there to say?

EDIT: I’ll repeat, what else is there to say? This is not censorship. It’s closing a thread that has run it’s useful course. Roon has answered the OP’s question. However, Roon is free to censor anything on this forum if they so choose. There is no free speech on a forum such as this.

EDIT: This is just my opinion. Eight years for a single thread is probably enough. Nobody needs to agree with me. Thanks.


And some other people invest a lot of time into metadata for various reasons. Your way is not better than theirs. For them, some worry to some degree is understandable, but yes it’s waaaay overdone

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And has nothing to do with the topic of this thread. Lifetime vs annual would not matter if Roon goes under in regards lost edits to metadata.

Not everyone is 100% rational 100% of the time :man_shrugging:

The edits have always been my concern and I’ve always wished Roon would adopt interoperable methods of tagging. However that’s all irrelevant to the extent of editing or tagging streaming titles.

When Roon goes, will just have to find something else…

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I have an interesting way of metadata editing, import into JRiver> Edit

Then sync to the SSD in my NUC

not perfect but minimises losses, all metadata is in the file tags :sunglasses:

I rarely edit in Roon , the occasional folder maybe , and setting the Title tag to “my better” ones in preferences

Expect that file tags work very poorly in case of artist equivalence, at least in Roon. And also if a proper artist entry (connected to online metadata) is not yet in Roon, then Roon creates duplicate stub artist entries for file tags during import.

Can’t be helped currently, it’s just that if one had to recreate one’s Roon edits in another system it probably can’t be avoided that it would be a lot of work again. Even if cancer is worse, that would still be annoying :slight_smile: