What happens with the lifetime subscribers if the company folds or is sold?

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I used to walk by a used CD shop on the way back from lunch everyday. I always checked out their “new arrivals” and typically found a CD or two to purchase. After store eventually (sadly) closed, there was a time that my music purchases slowed considerably (no convenient stores). But then almost any CD became available via internet shopping and I started buying even more music. In recent years, all the box sets targeted to the baby boomers have been my downfall (damn you Bob Dylan bootleg series, Beatles in Mono and Stereo, Rolling Stones in Mono, Turtles complete albums, Grateful Dead archives, Jerry Garcia archives, remastered Bruce Springsteen albums, releases of rare Texas psychedelic garage bands from the 1960s, etc. etc. And add to this the new releases of interesting new bands or favorite artists still releasing new music. (and my Spotify account only spurs more purchasing)

For people that like recorded music, we’re living in amazing times, with more available than ever!

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FWIW, Tidal has changed my buying habits. I no longer take a risk on an album by just hearing the first few seconds as a sample (like Amazon and other sites do). I can listen to the whole album and if I like it enough I’ll buy it. Sound quality is half the equation there too and Tidal does a decent job of indicating what you’re going to get if you buy the CD.

I also like the way Roon integrates Tidal seamlessly. I’ll always buy discs to spin, but now maybe not as many.

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Recycled Records, Monterey, Ca. Still there I think but I haven’t been there since the late 70’s. Heard a lot of good music for the firsts time in that place.

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LOL, I was stationed at POM in the early 90’s and completely missed this place – not sure how that happened, but it looks like it would have a been a lot of fun. Thanks for the share!

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Like most lifetime purchases its normally for the life of the product not the user.

Lifetime options for such things is IMHO an expression in ones faith in the product and the developers involved…I have no issues when you get a trial period and time to peruse a forum such as this where development progress and ideas are shared as the basis for getting the lifetime option…I did so within the first paid month and was promptly adequately taken care of changing from the default of 1 year to full lifetime.

Happy camper here. :smile:


Personally, I’m going for the one year membership because I want to pay more overall to Roon. The finance dept must just love us one-year types :wink:

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I love this picture as it brought back some very fond memories!!! I grew up on the Peninsula and built a huge record collection in the late 70’s at Recycled Records! I don’t think a week passed that I didn’t drive over the hill to visit this store. I can still smell the unique aroma of the store… Patchouli and dust.

Thank you so much for posting this image!!

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Eau d’Record Store really is the best. I miss it.


Apologies for re-awakening this thread, but this seems like the place to voice a concern.

Reading this forum and the replies from the guys at Roon, I have confidence that Roon will last at least long enough for ROI on a lifetime vs. yearly subscription, i.e. 4 years. It helps that equipment manufacturers are making and advertising ‘Roon ready’ devices.

My concern is with Allmusic.com. Although the RAAT feature of Roon and the whole server/endpoint philosophy is, for me, a strong selling point, much of the value of Roon comes from the meta-data of Allmusic.com.

It seems Roon has made a deal with the devil. If Allmusic.com goes out of business (unlikely) or seeing the popularity of Roon and Roon’s dependence on their data Allmusic raises their rates to levels unmeetable by Roon (more likely), then much of the uniqueness and attractiveness of Roon is lost.

Is this also a bete noire for the Roon execs?


Maybe roon could avert disaster by swallowing allmusic :innocent:


I think that would be a choking swallow.:sunglasses:

(Mike) #32

We license some of our metadata from Tivo (formally known as Rovi), who also license their data to Allmusic.com, as well as many other content sources and media apps.

We have a great relationship with Tivo, but we don’t license anything directly from Allmusic.com.


Great, I am re-assured. :sunglasses:

(Michael) #34

Not to sound too much like a fanboy, but if you guys (Roon) handle your business relationships as well as your do your software and customers, we have nothing to worry about.

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Just interested in what would happen to a lifetime license should, for whatever reason, Roon ceases operation.

I assume license checking is done via the web so would Roon provide those with lifetime licenses some local auth key to allow the software to still operate or some other process so we can continue to enjoy Roon.


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Enjoying Roon might be kind of hard without the metadata provided by the company. But maybe it’s just me.

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This is some discussion from a couple of years ago.



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Metadata for new music will not happen but for the music you already have, the metadata will still be valid :wink:

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Or maybe it goes the way of Logitech Media Server and becomes open source and intrepid users keep at least the basics and ability to add extensions up to date.