What is classed in Roon as a small,medium and Large library

I may be updating my roon core machine soon and undecided on which way to go but what puzzles me is what size of library follows the classes of small, medium and large.

My current Library is not huge say about 31000 tracks, but will continue to grow as I am adding all the time so I want my next server to be able to cope with this. But I can’t see my getting to large in the 100000 well not any time soon.

So anyone tell me what Roons definition of small, medium, large library relate to in numbers?


Weii, according to the ROCK KB 12000 albums or more is large.

But also remember that it depends on how much DSP you use. If you DSP heavily you need more CPU and RAM speed and size.

Check these out for more information:
Particularly this one.

My current i3 gen 4 handles upscaling to DSD 128 just fine and I dont do anything else in this regard have no interest in room correction. I only have 4 zones and only 2 are ever used at once. Its speed of library that I want to maintain hence my question about library size. Again my current i3 gen 4 is fine at the moment in this regard but as it grows I want to make sure i don’t outgrow the server to soon.

Looking at that last page it says 3000-5000 albums is medium and recommend an i5, my albums currently are around 2300, so where does this leave me if I wanted a Nucleus do I really need a Nucleus + seems excessive?

I’m thinking you don’t have to worry about upgrading until you get a lot more in your library or start doing a lot more with DSP.

That post is from 2015, and was written before Roon launched. The software is more efficient now and CPUs are faster now. A Nucleus would be fine for your use case.