What is ROCK dojng to my NAS

What in the world is ROCK doing to my NAS? I walk by my NAS every once in a while and I have noticed that my Intel NUC running ROCK is constantly accessing my NAS hard drives. I have a QNAP NAS and when I power off my NUC the NAS will just sit their quietly. I have my NAS configured to put the hard drives into standby mode if there has been ZERO activity on them for 20 minutes. With my NUC powered off the drives always go into standby mode. With my NUC up and running ROCK the hard drives never go into standby mode. What is ROCK doing to those hard drives? They are constantly clanking (accessing) the hard drives and they NEVER go into standby mode. What in the world is ROCK doing that it needs to access the hard drives 24 x 7??? My NUC has a SSD drive installed into it.

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