What is the latest concert you've been to?

(Roland) #201

Erasure @ E-Werk, Cologne, Germany on Tuesday 27th Feb.
They’ve definitely still ‘got it’ !

Couldn’t get tix for The Charlatans, Luxor, Cologne, the night before - sold out for ages…not happy… :frowning:

(David W) #202

Jimmy Chamberlin Complex at the Blue Whale in Los Angeles.

(GaryM) #203

The Zombies, New York City, City Winery. First night of their new tour. Band was tight. Rod Argent particularly impressive and Colin sounds amazing for a 72 year old going for those high notes… Great show.

(Aaron Garrett) #204

The whole thing was astonishing and worthy of the amazing musician honored. If you want a taste watch the transcendent final 20 minutes:

(Harry ten Berge) #205

just back home from Steven Wilson playing in Amsterdam.

Brilliant show, superb sound. The musical quality of the band was intimidating …

(Kevin) #206

Going in April, really looking forward to it. Had you seen him before?

(Harry ten Berge) #207

yeah, quite a few times. but he’s still developing himself. very, very good show.


I go to see him in Manchester at the end of the month

(Chris) #209

I’m going to see Steven Wilson next Saturday in Luxemburg. I’m very curious about it. I saw him a few years back with his project Blackfield in Cologne - it was a great concert.

(Harry ten Berge) #210

Well, I might sounded a bit ‘meh’, but that was basically because I was seriously overwhelmed.
The show was sooo good!

(Andrew Cox) #211

Those magnificent beasts, Mogwai, at the Forum Theatre, Melbourne. Putting the ff back in crescendo.

We were standing about 20 metres from the front and our hair was swept back by the volume and my nostrils were vibrating from the bass. It was great !

(Chris ) #212

Just got in from watching Will Wilde play with his sister Danni Wilde open for Elles Bailey.

Will Wilde has made me re asses the Harmonica as an instrument. Incredible, especially his cover of Parisian Walkways featured on his new album ‘Bring it on Home’. You need to catch them live, you really need to if you like Blues.

Pic, Alan Bates

Elles Bailey with her band played a sensation. We sampled some new material coming on her next album also.
Will Wilde and a young lad called Marcus who was young Blues guitarist of the year at 14, joined the band for a number in the set too. ‘Howlin’ Wolf’.

We also had delivery of her new Live EP we recorded when they played for us last year. That will be available through the Elles Bailey website soon as well as at gigs. (I have no financial interest here) It was good to see fans buy it from her before I even got hold of one… :joy:
They played 2 hours with lots of laughs in between. You can catch them tomorrow at C2C in London. But gigs like this one in Coolham Sussex are what live music is all about. Monies raised went to support a local Hospice Charity.
All in all, Bloody Marvellous :sunglasses:

Here is a Video we made of Danni and Will Wilde a couple of years ago.


Saw Rebekka Bakken last night. She is touring with her Album “Most personal”, but the live set was very well adapted for the stage and the combo she was with. Excellent drummer, bassist and guitarist and herself on piano. Great show!

(Nicholas) #214

Julian Lage at the Library of Congress in DC (yes, THAT Library of Congress) for FREE! You must see this guy…

(David W) #215

He is great.
Good article about him in this month’s Down Beat.

(Dave) #216

Sam Brothers and Pretty Things at Guildford

(Ian) #217

Just home after seeing Steven Wilson in Coventry (UK). A most excellent show.

(Chris ) #218

We went to see Brooks Williams with Sally Barker last night at one of their occasional duo gig. This was in Pakenham Suffolk village hall, about an hour and a half’s drive for us.
I am still astonished that artists of this quality can be found playing charity gigs in Village halls and people still seem obsessed with what the mass media throws at us. There is no meaningful comparison here.

One of his many albums.


Sally has a lovely voice and writes great songs.

Brooks in contemplative mood.

Brooks Williams with Sally Barker.

Pics Jo Hurwitz Williams.

(Paul) #219

Last Wednesday 10CC with some friends, not my favourite music but I like it to see good musicians perform their music with passion, and after a few pints, it to better and better…

(Paul) #220

…and tonight in the same concerthall the Matthäus Passion. I’m not religious but every time I see this Masterpiece in a live setting I have my doubts…