What is the latest concert you've been to?

(simon_pepper) #302

Was at the last night on that series, on the 12th March, but in the stalls close to the front.
However was also there, in the front of the stalls also, the year before on the 14th March 2017, which featured in the RTE screening aired at Christmas time.

But also was in the NCH for the performances on 26th Jan 2014 (Balcony), 28th Feb 2015 (Balcony), 2nd March 2016 (Balcony) - all superb musical experiences.

Have the pleasure of a night of Martin Haynes & Dennis Cahill, in Pavilion Theatre, in mid-September, second time I have seen him there, too.

(simon_pepper) #303

Saw her many a time in The Olympia, and also Francis Black.

(Daniel Beyer) #304

Saw The XX last week. Good not great show.


(Chris) #306

Saw Patti Smith in front of the Cologne cathedral yesterday. The whole package (sound, venue, weather, mood) was fantastic and as a special surprise Joan Baez, who will play there today, joined Patti for a song.

(simon_pepper) #307

Odd, as got to see them in a very small venue, The Tivoli Theatre, in Dublin at the end of May and it was amazing.

They also headlined at Electric Picnic’s Friday night, which was screened on RTE one, the night after, and they were on fire.

Had already seen them in The Olympia in 2012, and 3Arena in 2013

So it was great seeing in a such a small venue and everyone being close to the stage - you could see the sweat dripping!


Smashing Pumpkins London, Ontario,Canada August 9 2018

(Chris ) #309

Tonight, to celebrate my 60th, I was given a surprise party with Lauren Housley playing supported by Thomas Dibb on Guitar and Mark Lewis on double bass.

That was a special intimate gig I will never forget. (Of course we recorded it and I filmed the 2nd set)
I was able to give the guys a quick introduction to Roon also… My friend Darren took this pic.


(Chris ) #310

This is a great Blog from Lauren Housley.


I particularly liked this quote…

“The live music experience can’t be replaced by anything and I think people’s connection to music is very deeply rooted. It’s in our bones. That’s not going away any time soon.”

(Jeremy) #311

Awesome. We do a lot of LZ covers in my band as well as RHCP.

Saw the RHCP several times including their recent tour. Amazing jams! Musicianship is still impressive from these aging rockers.


Roger Waters at Royal Arena, Copenhagen, Denmark last friday. Had a place in the middle of row 6, just 25 feet away from Roger W. Very good sound and spectacular lightning.


(Chris ) #313

Not sure this counts as a gig but we have just been up the church tower in Sandwhich, Kent UK.
On the way down we waited in the bell tower just above the bells for the bells to ring the quarter hour and it was sublime.

(John B) #314

Richard Thompson, NCH, Dublin.

Excellent as usual.


(Chris ) #315

Looking into the future we have this gig on Sunday. I can’t wait.

We set the venue up today, well most of it anyway. Electronics go in on the morning of the show.

(Jeremy) #316

Pete Nathanson New Blues Band.


(Chris ) #317

I’m almost speechless as we hosted Courtney Marie Andrews and her amazing band supported by the utterly charming Robin Irene Moss.
First off, I’ve never seen so many flight cases in one place lol

Trust me, that’s not all of it.
We maxed out on our stage also

Then we had the show. A gentle opening from Robin.

Who beguiled us all before the whirlwind that is Courtney Marie Andrews…

The view from my camera seat…

We only seat 100 but they told us they like and need to play small show as opposed to stadiums. The feedback from real people in real space is so energising.

I will never forget this night and Courtneys tribute to Aretha Franklin RIP. ‘Chain Of Fools’

(Michael Keefe) #318

Gillian Welch and David Rawlings blew the roof off the civic theater in New Orleans tonight. Amazing how just two musicians can have a crowd of 1000 totally wrapped up in what they’re doing.

(Jan) #319

Not the latest but a specatular one. Kraftwerk at Dalhalla, an amazing outdoor venue in Dalarna, Sweden.

(Christopher Rieke) #320

I went to the PEOPLE Festival this weekend at Berlin Funkhaus.

160 Artists met for a week, and collaborated making music together. The results were performed on the festival for the first time to the audience.

There was no line up. You just go to a rehearsal room without knowing who and what will be performed.

Saw some great gigs. Including from Leslie Feist, Damien Rice, Justin Vernon, Lisa Hannigan, Zach Condon, Stargaze, Woodkid. It was a really great and intimate show.

(Chris ) #321

I have to say that after last nights show with Courtney Marie Andrews, J and myself came to the conclusion that Hi Fi as such is almost irrelevant by comparison to a well set up small gig like that.
So seeing people go to small shows and festivals pleases me greatly…

Having Courtney jump off stage and rock out to her song ‘May your kindness remain’ right in front of me at my cameras (Set to max gain to get any image) and having to put my hand out to prevent her falling on my equipment, was an experience I will never forget. She put her whole soul into that performance. Stunning… The LYNNeS did something similar when they played for us. I am getting used to this… :joy: