What is the latest concert you've been to?

(Andrew Cox) #322

Last night saw Selby & Friends (Katherine Selby - Piano, Natalie Chee - Violin, Julian Smiles - Cello and Lloyd Van’t Hoff - Clarinet) performing a program titled “Tortured Souls” at MLC. The program consisted of:

Ludwig van Beethoven
Ten Variations on Müller’s Song “Ich bin der Schneider Kakadu”, Op.121(a)

Robert Schumann
Piano Trio No.3 in G minor, Op.110

Olivier Messiaen
Quatuor pour la fin du temps

It was the first time I had heard any of the above pieces and they were each fascinating music played brilliantly. The audience was spellbound. I need to listen to more Schumann.

(Kevin) #323

Right now - Tedeschi Trucks Band at the New York State Fair. $3 admission to the fair, a sausage sandwich, a good beer, friends, and free live music!

(Marco) #324

Queens of the Stone Age in Auckland!

(David W) #325

Smooth Jazz Festival
Hollywood Bowl
Sunday 8-19

(Paul) #326

The Joneses with a tribune to The Smiths in a pub in Margate.

(Paul) #327

I serious considered to visit the show of Courtney Marie Andrews, but we arrived late in Margate.

(Chris ) #328

You would have missed a treat, they are a great live band.

(Chris ) #329

Just back from Seeing Van Morrison supported by The Hothouse Flowers and The Waterboys. This was Wrest Park in Bedfordshire.
It’s a shock not to be able to see the band and have to rely on screens. The 2.5 hour queue to get out was no real fun either. The sound was great but the video shots were disappointing especially as so many people had to rely on them. 2 Extra go pro type cameras and better positioning would have made all the difference. Camera people who understand and are passionate about music may help.
Not sure I’ll bother with large shows again even though Van was amazing…

No, we weren’t at the back by any stretch…

(Dick Vliek) #330

I didn’t even know the hothouse flowers were still performing…

(simon_pepper) #331

Tour dates on https://hothouseflowers.com
Saw Liam Ó Maonlaí a couple of years ago performing a tribute to Bowie, with the songs translated into Irish.
Trouble was, 19 years living here, not one word of Irish!

(simon arnold) #332

My last gig was Slowdive last year at The Roundhouse. Still have very good and fond memories of it. It was like being 22 all over again and seeing all the young folks experiencing the sonic architecture that is their sound for the first time and being as blown away as I was all those years ago was great.

Shame I just can’t get out enough these days with family commitments and friends in same dilemma, Wanted to go to see Spiritualized this coming October but life got in the way. Overall its been a shit year for me gigging wise not been able to be free or my main gig partner to be free at the same time. Hopefully it improves soon.

(Daniel Beyer) #333

Saw Beach House a week or so ago at The Anthem in DC.

(Randy Hatcher) #334

I saw Boz Scaggs on August 29.


Shelby Lynne

(Chris ) #336

I’d love to see Boz live…

(Chris ) #337

We saw Shelby with her sister Alison Moorer in London. That was an amazing show…

(Chris ) #338

My earlier post had a write up on some of the problems in The Telegraph…

Long live small independent live music venues…

(Dick Vliek) #339

Just back from Wishbone Ash (the Martin Turner variant), really cool. Never seen them before. They played their complete first album, which I knew about since I made an effort twenty years ago to know all the albums released in my birth year (1970).

What do you know about the albums released in your year of birth?


Tord Gustavsen Trio yesterday evening at Roma,Antwerp,Belgium

(Chris ) #341

Last night we hosted Daisy Chute with Meg Ella and Cerian Holland

Daisy Chute put on a fine show…

Cerian Holland on Harp. A first for us…

Meg Ella on Piano, Cello and a fine voice

Cerian Holland also on guitar and fine voice

You just cannot beat intimate live music IMHO

All these pics my friend Andy Sheard