What is the strategy of Roon in case TIDAL would go bankrupt?

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Hi, I’m not a Roon user yet, although I really like the software and I’m willing to spend the money on it. That is because I have worries about the continuity of Roon in the nearby future. As we all know, TIDAL has serious (financial) problems. This topic is not to discuss whether TIDAL will be able to recover or not. TIDAL will or will not recover, only time will tell us. But, a bankruptcy of TIDAL a very realistic scenario. In that case Roon will have a big problem: a brilliant software platform, without the ability to use a streaming service. That is like a car without an engine. In that case I think Roon will simply not survive. So, Roon must have a strategy in place in case the ‘TIDAL goes bankrupt’ scenario will see the light. I’m asking: what is the strategy in case TIDAL will die? I have read that Qobuz is (unfortunately) not a realistic option, but maybe other services are. Even if it would not offer the possibility for FLAC streaming or if it would integrate less smoothly with Roon it could still be sufficient to survive. For me – and I think for other potential new customers as well – that is crucial information to decide purchasing a lifetime membership. Because buying the lifetime membership is similar to investing in a company: I’m giving you now my money and I have to thrust you that you will still exist the coming X years so I can enjoy the benefits of my investment. Just to clarify: I’m not willing to go for the annual fee because in the end that will cost me too much money (after a couple of years) ending up in the lifetime membership anyway. Roon, I hope you can clarify a bit on this topic. It would help me a lot! Thanks!

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