What kind of external drive with NUC ROCK - NAS or DAS

Thanks what’s the model and what operating system does roon run on - is it linux, same as nuc?

I am running a QNAP TS-453Be that I purchased on black Friday at a very reasonable price, if you decide to go that route you will want to use enterprise hard drives. you can add up to 4 at your own pace.

Thanks and do you know what operating system Roon is running on, on it?

As far as I am aware the Nucleus and ROCK Operating Systems (they are different) are not strictly a Linux distro .

It was built from ground up with the minimum number of bits from Linux to achieve what Roon was looking for . So its not a strict “cut down distro”

Somewhere (??) on the forum is an explanation from @brian or @danny on the logic.

“We’re talking about 700k tracks”
Definitely not a NAS then, you need a fast dedicated processor not something you’ll find in a NAS.

I’ve been look more into it and i think that’s where i came out that there wasnt a nas with high enough performance processor or ram. So i think i’ve concluded a nuc10i7 is the right answer for the core and then i think a nas with 2.5 ghz ethernet is probably the best answer for the library.

Given i use apple music to add and edit music, it looks like a DAS connected to the nuc would not work or be clunky.

If a Nuc can connect over the network to a das connected to a mac that might be an option but i couldnt see anywhere where this was discussed as an option. If anyone thinks this is possible, please let me know.

The nuc can see SMB shares, so as long as the Mac can share the files the nuc can see it.

Thanks Ged
I just hadn’t realised a NUC might be able to access a shared drive via a Mac before. So i think i’ll buy the NUC and try to connect to my library that way before investing in a NAS

Unfortunately though, in looking into all this, even if it works, i’m thinking i’m going to need to update to more up to date drives eventually. My main drive is a Lacie Big 5 and it’s good but thunderbolt 2 only while my backup drive is a Drobo and looks like they’ve filed bankruptcy, so future support might be a potential problem.

Chapter 11 protection so they will restructure and continue at least in the short term