What led you to Benchmark?

The AHB2 peaks at 29 Amps.

You can do a lot with “only” 29 (or rather 28) Amps:

Amps on the left, volts on the right.

1.5 mm (0.06") 308 stainless


Having never seen a particular recommended ampere rating for Maggies, just that Maggies like a beefy high amperage amplifier (whatever that means), I really don’t know what is considered plenty.

My Parasound Classic 5250 is rated 45 amps peak per channel. It does a great job driving my Magnepan LRS speakers. The A21 mentioned is rated 60 amps per channel.

Dropping to 29 amps seems like a big drop, but again, I don’t have the experience or knowledge to know if it would still be plenty for driving speakers like Magnepans to their full potential, hence my question. :slightly_smiling_face:

Maybe someday if I come into a big wad of cash, I can give Benchmark a try. :smile: