What's the best NUC for upsampling to DSD512?

I haven’t tried DSD512 - the same problem exists with DSD128 however.

The problem is the high data rates of DSD and the bad data rates your filter was built for. This is just the reality of using a tool that was not designed to do the job.

We have a solution for you, even if you want to use REW: Turn off Native DSD processing. Yes, it doesn’t get you everything, but it gets you a solution with REW. If you don’t want to turn that off, find software that doesn’t have the limits of REW.

I’m going to drop this subject now since it does not pertain to the topic at hand. If you’d like to continue, I’m happy to fork this off into another topic.

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FWIW, the latest beta of REW includes the ability to generate 352.8k and 384k filters.


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