When can I sort playlists?

I saw that you can’t sort playlist yet in 1.2 . Can you tell me when that feature will be available? It is very inconvenient.

By sort do you mean drag and drop to rearrange/ randomise?

This annoys me also! In my case by ‘sort’ I would like to take a playlist and be able to ‘sort’ alphabetically by track name, artist etc. To me this is basic stuff, and is available in iTunes, JRiver and many other alternative offerings. It also annoys me that you cannot sort by track artist anywhere in Roon, even the main listing just gives album artist, which can often be ‘various artists’, which is not very informative.

I agree by sort I mean click on the top of a playlist to alphabetically sort the artists, songs, or to change the order from top to bottom.

Not sure if you’re aware of this topic. Lots of ideas, probably best to voice there… We want your ideas for Playlists!

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A useful pointer Mr hifi_swlon! Having said that, I don’t think there is much more that can be said on the topic of playlist sorting? Roon is currently poor in this regard, it will either be added as a feature or not. I think it is a simple case of the developers deciding how difficult this is to implement and if there is demand for such a feature. I would say that this is a very important issue for myself. My sub has a good 9 months to run, but I would say if there is no movement on features like this I’d probably drop Roon. A lot might happen in 9 months though…

I suppose this is a question for the developers? Is this on the road map? or is it on the ‘not insignificant’ list? (which I take to mean it will not happen for a while, if ever…)

Just had a thought, did a bit of searching, and found this:

So the question I have just asked, was answered a while ago. Doh!

Although, I would still like some clarity on the issue of album artist vs track artist. I have very many tunes by the famous ‘various artists’ combo, the worlds most versatile band!:grinning:

@mike wrote something about the “album artist vs track artist” issue a while back. It might help a bit, although I note that he says that things may be changing in the upcoming 1.3 release…