When can we expect a stable release on macOS Catalina?


I’m starting a separate topic on this as I don’t want to get caught up in all the complaining. I’m simply asking when we can expect a stable release of Roon for Catalina.

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Roon have said they hope to have a live fix soon. No more precise time frame has been announced. It is under active development and, like any loss of functionality issue, has priority.

The nature of software development and testing is that any estimated date will always be subject to fixing whatever bugs or reversions are discovered in testing.

So the best answer we can expect is “as soon as possible but not before it’s ready”.


“as soon as possible but not before it’s ready”

The absolute best possible answer. Thanks for not rushing it past the point of roon’s typical high quality.

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I’m quite confident a fix will be issued as soon as it’s ready. Having someone say we’re working on it will not make it happen any faster.


As soon as possible. So reassuring. This has been a PR cluster for Roon. I used to recommend it to everyone. Responses like ‘as soon as possible’ are beyond unacceptable given the premium charge on this piece of software.

When I bought this software I was under the impression that it was a commercial software with all that implies. I guess I got fooled by the price tag; I now understand it works more like freeware. I take the blame for the misunderstanding.

A good idea but, alas, your goal appears to have been short lived. Never mind :roll_eyes:


Folks, there’s lots of professional software that is not released day and date with OS updates. Until a company releases their golden master, changes happen that require software changes. Adobe and others also are saying the equivalent of “as soon as possible”

If I could make a recommendation, that Roon release ONLY the fix to Catalina and not take the opportunity to bundle some other things with it, thereby stringing out the release date.

As a manager for software products I’m frequently faced with fixing a critical bug asap with other business initiatives looking to sneak in other priority enhancements. Often the business wins out and the critical bug fix gets pushed out longer than it should have taken.

All that said I do agree, do diligence and get it right the first time rather than rush it out before it’s fully ready. Just don’t wait for that list of other wants with it.

A fix will be released when it is fixed, no sooner, no later.

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Laughter is the best medicine! We will have to wait, if we want or not.

I’m a pro mac user and all I can tell is that nobody I know is updating any Macos release before the .2 or even .3 release. Personally I wait for the .4 release. Too many things are not working anymore after a new Macos release. It is virtually impossible for any software compagny to come up with a stable release the same time as the Macos release. So my strong advice is, if you are using any software on your Mac that doesn’t come from the Apple compagnie then just don’t upgrade to a zero release, never ever. Nomatter how tempted it might be, just wait one or two months for the first or second bugfix release.


Nice try stu_farnham. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a forum of constructive critique and debate?

Just so I understand; Roon runs perfectly well on an Apple Mac running a current OS.

And Apple then update the OS to a new version such that it breaks a number of applications (it is not just Roon that is affected by the Catalina fiasco).

And then users of the application complain and blame the application provider for the resultant failure, rather than realising Apple are to blame, plus the fact that it is well known that early adopters have issues to face and it is far better to wait before taking a new OS, first ensuring that their applications are all good on the new OS.

How does that work??? Don’t blame Roon for the failure caused by the Apple OS update and your decision to update early rather than doing proper due diligence.


Not to be dense, but what is not working right with Roon on Catalina? I’m running Catalina on an iMac, a Mac Pro and a Macbook Pro and have no issues with Roon on any of them.



All I was looking for was some indication from Roon Labs regarding their plans for a fix. I was explicitly not looking for a continuation of the flame wars on this topic.

Mature and intelligent people can deal with a statement such as “we hope to have a fix available next week, pending the outcome of our testing”, but some of the members of this forum seem bent on proving themselves neither mature nor intelligent.


The problem is an inability to access your music stored on another drive.

Assume that is if running a core on a mac with Catalina? If so that would explain why I’m not seeing it just running roon on a nucleus and only running remote on macs with Catalina.

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That’s correct.

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