When playback NativeDSD or HQplayers' DSD512, R2R ladder (Holo spring dac) vs pure 1 bit converter (T+A DAC8 DSD), which is genuine?

Really interested in using T+A DAC8 DSD feeded via a Roon / HQP setup to get DSD512 output.

Some questions about DAC8 DSD in this context:

  • Any chance T+A will update DAC8 DSD USB driver / firmware to enable DSD 512 via Linux RoonReady / NAA endpoints (MicroRendu for example) ?

  • I’ve checked DAC8 can be controlled by Harmony remote. Are all the DAC8 front panel functions available via Harmony ?

  • When input are switched from USB to SPDIF and back to USB any issues like HQP or Roon disconnection or loose of control ?

Thank you …


  1. MicroRendu is still working on Amanero driver compatibility of DSD512 for T+A, nothing we can do but wait. Someting simialr to microrendu will be Intona + Uptone regen. Or the upcoming iso-regen from Uptone.

  2. I have no idea of Harmony remote. Sorry

  3. I didn’t find any Roon or HQplayer disconnection issue when switching from SPDIF to USB. Once you build the network bridge between HQplayer and Roon, it is always connected.

[quote=“Wei_Xia1, post:42, topic:20484, full:true”]
MicroRendu is still working on Amanero driver compatibility of DSD512 for T+A, nothing we can do but wait. Someting simialr to microrendu will be Intona + Uptone regen. Or the upcoming iso-regen from Uptone.[/quote]
Thank you @Wei_Xia1,
About Intona + Uptone Regen alternative i was seeing these equipments as isolators and USB optimizers but not as Roon / NAA endpoints enabling DSD512 streams. Could you be more specific ?

[quote=“Wei_Xia1, post:42, topic:20484, full:true”]
I have no idea of Harmony remote. Sorry[/quote]
Seems OK to control DAC8 DSD from Hamony remote.

Fine. Thank you.
Are you still “happy” with your DAC8 DSD ?

Hi again,

1). Although Uptone regen and Intona are not Roon endpoints, theses are USB signal regen tweak. Believe it or not, the combo of uptone regen and intona somehow outperforms the microrendu. These tweaks don’t need any drivers to work, you just plug them in your system, and I can confirm that they can stream DSD512 with T+A while mircorendu cannnot.

However, I won’t encourage you to buy regen or Intona at the moment since Uptone is going to release its new USB tweak product called “iso-regen”. This thing can possibly outperform the combo of Uptone regen and Intona as Alex claimed through email with me.

You better check Uptone LPS-1 this beast PSU, it can also power the iso-regen in the future. For me, uptone is a dream company for computer audiophiles.

  1. Good to know u sort out your Harmony remote.

  2. Oh yea, I’m very happy with my T+A. With HQplayer, I can’t ask for more. The sound you get out of T+A at this price, it’s a super bargain in my opinion.

The only thing I will do in the future is to upgrade my PC to more powerful setup so that I can use HQplayer’s the most demanding settings to yield the best SQ. I’m waiting for GTX 1080 Ti to be released at the moment.

Going to build a GTX 1080 Ti SLI with i7 7700K for my music system, also for my VR gaming :smiley:

Other than that, I might also upgrade the power chord cable and treat my AC mains a little bit.

Someone told me magic gem SE3 cable will be a good match for T+A, but I haven’t tried yet.

Good luck!

OK @Wei_Xia1,
So in your setup you are using USB from your Roon PC to DAC8 DSD. Intona+Regen used to “clean” the USB signal, right ?

Unfortunately in my own setup my Roon PC is far away from the DAC so i need a NAA/ROON endpoint and i would prefer a LINUX endpoint. However i hope T+A will update DAC8 USB driver / firmware soon …

Anyway i will look to Iso-Regen too, and also interested in the best powerful hardware to run HQP. Thank you

Hi, all,

Does any know if this NUC (below) will play stream native DSD running Roon core via HDMI? I have a XMC–1 that will play native DSD only via HDMI.

Thanks for any advice.

So, some people is saying roon is better with DSD512 upsampling and some says HQPlayer is better ? I am using HQPlayer and is loving it. I wonder people buy roon for conveniences or sound quality ?

No single reason. Roon appeals for a lot of different reasons and is a different proposition to HQPlayer which concentrates its efforts very much in one direction.

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