Where is my music stored?

“Newbie” question – I can not find where my Roon Music is stored.
Is it in my Roon account Cloud?
When I am executing Roon and save to a Playlist?
When I am executing Roon and add to Library?
I know where my ripped CDs are stored (iTunes) an Qobuz is in their “cloud”

I have looked at the Roon menu Setup / Storage, Import, and Library and can’t find it.
I have also done a search in this forum without any success.
Roon is monitoring Music Library and I assume that is my iTunes music location in case I burn a new CD?

Loving the Roon trail and was going to go for the lifetime until the price increase, I wish they would have given a heads up.

It’s stored where you left it! Probably in you music folder, which you say Roon is “watching”. Roon does not modify, copy, or move your files, it can only “watch” them.

Did you see this. Danny says that if you are currently in the trial period or about 30 days into a new annual signup, he’s willing to give you the $499 price. So go for it!

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Mike - Thanks I got that but where is the file when I select “Add to Library” and “Create Playlist and add songs”

@garym, that is great news, I did not see that but I will be following up.

That actually helps my discussion with the wife. Saves me $200, plus the current year price so $300… It is practically free :slight_smile: ha

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Playlists and tags and items added to the library are all kept in the database (which you should backup too) NOTE that the actual music stays where it is and for the likes of streaming services like tidal or Qobuz the database holds references to the location on these services…it doesn’t download the music files ever…only streams them from source.

Thank you… The Library is kept in the Roon database (thank you Mike) on their server site not on my MacBook… No question here just confirming…

Thank you.

No, the library information is in the Roon database which is located where your Roon core is running. In your case this database is on your MacBook. Note that it is best practices to create a backup of your Roon database. In Roon > Settings there is an option for backing up your Roon database.

Garym is correct, the library and database is on your cores systems drive, which is why it’s important to be on a fast SSD and for you to have it backed up often and to multiple locations ideally on a different medium like a usb drive or NAS etc.

Sorry if you thought my reply implied otherwise.

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