Which HQP Filter are you using?

Thank you for the info! I will do it that way!


@Michael_Harris this more accurate explanation of what’s happening with my ifi streamer when I turn off the DAC-60-amplifier and then back on, any settings that may need to adjust? Sorry to jump here, is both ifi and HQPlayer.

Jussi and Dabassgoesboomboom would have been my next suggestion.
I think from memory that Jussi had a Zen Stream, at least in the past.
Hopefully they can offer help with this.
I have put out a request to two of the others in the other thread as well to see if they can help.

There was a post about this just yesterady. Unless I am misunderstanding your issue.

It’s a good idea to keep an eye on all of the HQPlayer topics on this forum.

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There’s different threads for different discussions. This thread here is for favourite sounding filters.

See here in HQP Desktop thread yesterday:

Many thanks and sorry for intrusion, kind of lost in post subjects :sweat_smile:

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No need to apologise to me!

Sometimes it can help others with similar issues, if things have dedicated threads for problems.

Not a big problem though! Hope your issue gets sorted

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Many thanks ! Really appreciate As I want my family to also enjoy Roon, every time I turn back the amplifier I need to adjust the HQPlayer and iFi streamer, otherwise no sound :sweat_smile:

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Just turn off the Zen Stream as well - it is easy from the front panel button. And then turn it back on after turning on the amplifier, but even without correct order HQPlayer will reconnect once both are back online.

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That’s why it works for me, as I always turn it off.
When I turn it back on it always works perfectly again.

Sorry @Moises_M I hadn’t linked that part :flushed:

I’m going to have to put it down to the heat plus that I have been driving and brain clearly wasn’t thinking properly about Roon things.


Genius! It’s working @jussi_laako ! Many thanks :pray:t2:

Many thanks @Michael_Harris ! Your efforts of helping are really appreciated !

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Hi all. So, I just got the new Gustard R26 and had some terrible results upsampling PCM to DSD with convolution and eq on my i5 6700k and integrated graphics. I had to drop to 44.1 x64 for the longest playback before issues. It would play with some settings but then drop out and i’d have to close Roon/HQP for it to recognize as DSD and then when it played after a while, it would a channel would drop out and it would alternate and sometimes music would stop and resume.

So, I have an old Surface Pro X collecting dust. Been thinking of trading it in for a new i7 Surface Pro 8. Do you think it would be worth it to get it and move over to using it?

If so, what kind of settings could be possible?

So I’m good on DSD but can’t get audio from PCM…any ideas?

Check if the ADI-2’s volume knob is down low? Or are you using headphones?

Also enable ipV6 at the bottom there

Also use LNS15 for dither at 768k

Everything else looks fine

Thanks, it was the Dac. Forgot the remote volume was active in PCM. Had it muted.

No worries. Those other things I mentioned above weren’t related but still recommended

Hi @Eminent_One
I have looked up, Gustard R26 looks like intersting device with tons of features, congrats! hope you are enjoying.

On your question - in general PCM to DSD conversion in HQP is CPU demanding… The result would depend on the choice of filters and modulators in the process. Integrated graphics do not play role. What were the settings that have set you back?

Speaking of Surface Pro, I dont know how will it perform but I would also check the CPU, it surely will be some G or U mobile series that are normally capped in performance to manage thermal issues. Question is what are those capable of…

EDIT: I just looked up how much these Surface Pros cost… if we speak about the same thing, it is $2000+ OMG! I have just build 12900k server at $1000…

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After posting I did some research and it is an i7 1185G7 processor and wouldn’t be any better or worse than the 6700k so maybe not the solution I was looking for. May have to look into something else if you have a recommendation. I have been wanting to build a new pc, just didn’t feel like it and spend the cost if I didn’t have to. Building would be cheaper for sure.

As far as settings, I tried multiple filters starting with poly gauss long for 1X and hires lp for NX. 44.1 x256 for start and ASDM7EC and backed off until 44.1 x64 where it would play longer or start faster but resulted in the channel drops and silence, sometimes to never return and I had to close Roon and HQP for it to initialize and play again.

For the current settings, try “reducing” the modulator. 5EC/7EC are demanding 5ECv2/7ECv2 are veeery demanding. And start with “-2” filters, these arr easier on CPU. However… I have just checked my HQPlayer Desktop PC (old gaming dell laptop) - it runs on i7-6820HK and under Linux Ubuntu 22.04 it is capable of 7ECv2@256x48 easily, with most filters. Your current CPU theoretically more potent. Although I don’t run a convolution but I run PEQ in HQP (under matrix). And small difference is that my old “gaming” tin has some Nvidia which helps with some filters load. I mention Linux for a reason - Windows performance (i have dual boot) is significantly weaker.

How it works with out convolution? And where do you do convolution and EQ - Roon or HQP?

I’ve been contemplating my build for at least 10 month… since intel 12k was released. hehe, i know what you mean.

But overall choice is driven by many factors and budget. Imho, main are a) use case b) personal preferences. For the use case I mean - stand alone server / working-gaming PC / PC in listening room etc… than preference like Mac or PC, formfactor etc…most important for HQPlayer is really a CPU, and for 2ch listening - 1 core performance matters the most. GPU gives additional opportunities for heavy filters.

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Thank you @jussi_laako for constantly updating the HQPlayer. After a few month of just using a DAP and IEMs i switched back to my desktop gear and i am in love with HQPlayer again.

On my Mac Mini M1 i use ASDM7ECv2, DSD256 and poly-sinc-gauss-long / hires-lp.

Sadly the Mac can only do DoP DSD - so i test my small Raspberry Pi with your NAA image because of native DSD and i think it sounds better than connecting directly to my Mac.

Could that be or is it just my mind playing tricks with me? :sweat_smile:

Thanks for your help and have a great day!