Which iPad for Roon Control

Just tried to download Roon for my iPad and it’s told me it’s not supported. Agh…, this is getting expensive. Does anyone know what iPads will work?

Any iPad with a 64-bit CPU and OpenGL3.0 support. In short:

iPad mini 2/3/4, Air and Air2 and all Pro models.

The iPad Air 2 appears to hit the most interesting combination of price and performance currently.

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There can be bargains with second hand iPads. I have a Mini 3 which is the right combination of size and convenience for me.

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iPad Air (1) and iPad Pro 9.7" work for me. The iPad Pro is quite a bit faster than the base (first version) iPad Air doing just about everything.

Just out of curiosity - why won’t Roon Remote work on older iPads? I am getting the “this app is not compatible with your device” message. My iPad is running iOS 9.3.5, so I’m guessing it is not a 64 bit iPad? A remote seems like it should not be too compute intensive and would be the perfect thing to use an older iPad for. Could you guys compile a 32 bit versions and make it available?

Roon requires OpenGL ES 3.0 and iPad hardware is constrained to the 64 bit platforms which support it. There was extensive discussion after the announcement. It was not an easy choice for the devs, but the consequences of attempting to implement Roon on the older hardware were regarded as worse.

That falls under “there is a reason for everything”, and that is a good one. Thank you for the explanation!