Which Pi set up to get for kids?

I’m thinking I’d quite like to get my kids a Roon client for their bedrooms as Christmas presents. It’ll teach them something about computers, and stop them playing Daft Punk loud in ever other room of the house. To be fair, it’ll probably do neither of those things but whatever.

I’m in the UK, any thoughts on what’s the best Pi set up just now? They don’t need the very highest sound quality, just an interesting build but nothing too fragile. I’m baffled by the range of things out there, all the sites seems to assume you know what their own weird acronyms mean, or which boards you do and don’t need.


Not a serious answer, sorry, but reading the headline of your post reminded me of this:


Nice, a Lego case is a really nice suggestion actually. Thank you!

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What are you going to connect them to, a powered speaker?

I use an iqaudio DAC and a hifiberry DAC. Both these boards fit into a pi 3 b+ (just get the latest). Then you can get their cases too. It’s just a matter of screwing together, installing an OS and connecting line out to a speaker.

What OS really depends on how computery you want it to be. Dietpi and ropieee do the job but won’t give you much more than Roon zone. You’d probably want raspbian.

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I haven’t really decided, probably a powered speaker of the ‘bluetooth with aux input’ type. I have a couple in the house already so that’s the most likely scenario.

I’ve a Rock at home and run Ubuntu on my laptop, I’m generally feel quite happy tinkering around with OS problems. I’m not expert, but can follow advice when I can’t figure it out myself. I’ll have a look at Raspbian if that feels like a solid choice.