Why does roon not support any and all streamers?

Having just read the Ravenna network guide documentation, I’d say it’s beyond a lot of people even if they bought a managed switch…,

You guys seem to be forgetting… Aurender already have Ravenna integrated into there players, IF they have done so i can guarantee they 'd have resolved any and all end user issues. There servers are some of the best high-end products out there.

yes, you need your Devialet or Audionet device to support AES67 – it wont work out of the box unless they support it.

You still need your audio endpoints to support Ravenna if you want this to work.

OK - Cool, it’ll be interesting to see what,why and how Aurender are gonna roll out Revenna compatibility with.

The end user issues are not of their making or under their control. Your ‘guarantee’ does not address the issues of how they resolve end user home network problems. The ‘quality’ of their servers is irrelevant in this context.

Sorry but Aurender would not put something out that the end user will have network issue with. But i will investigate what they’ve done and how.