Why Does Roon Phone Home So Much?

Over 1,000 calls to home within 24 hours by my Roon Core.


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Downloading metadata, did you add new stuff

Some info here:

Nope nothing new.

From the looks of it, every time I play music it queries all of my clients every few minutes and sends data back.

No way to opt out of being tracked?

Well just for kicks I’m going to take away phone privileges tonight…I’ll see what happens in the morning.

Big Brother is Watching :see_no_evil:

If you’re talking about activity that is happening when you’re using Roon and playing music, then this is to be expected. From the Privacy Policy:

Roon captures information about how and where you use the software, and statistical reports about this information are stored on our servers for analysis. The data is transmitted and stored without any reference to your personal information. The purpose of the analytics data is to help us understand our members and how they use Roon.

And for every album you import it rescans the metadata server for updates on a weekly basis.

I have more than 10000 albums so that’s more than 10000 calls home per week just for that function.

Hence the improvements in performance when shifting DNS lookups I guess.

You got PiHole, you can click on the domain and add to blocklist if you want.

At least every 30 days Roon needs to get through so it can renew its subscription token with the account server.

Depending on what you block you might loose functionality or not receive background updates. Have a look at the log files to get an idea what happens – doesn’t seem to me like that Roon’s hiding much of what it does.

… see above: blocking too much may have consequences.

I really don’t see why Roon phoning home is an issue…

I recall Roonlabs needs to know the amount of times lyrics are shown to pay the necessary fees to third-party providers.